January 10, 2010

Yes, there is such a thing as a Costco high

Because I get it.
At least once a week.
If I do not go to Costco once a week, I get the shakes.

I love it.
Everything about it.
Except how much money I spend there.

When I pull into the parking lot, I get excited.
As I get my cart and walk through the entrance, I breathe in the warehouse smell and smile.

There is nothing better.

The photocentre ladies know me by my first name.

And I am sure the many other employees talk about me in the staff room.
"She is here again?"
"Doesnt that lady have a life?"
"Did her family win the lottery or something?"

No, my friends we did not win the lottery.
No, I do not have a life.
And yes, I am here again.

And will be next week.
And the week after.
And the week after that.

So there.

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Kekibird said...

You, LOVE Costco. It's dangerous in there. I rarely leave without spending more than $100 because there is always a movie or household item I can find to take home. Love it from Christmas gifts.

Foursons said...

I HATE how much money I spend at one time there. I love the store though.

greedygrace said...

I love Costco, too! My husband has to rein me in and keep me on track, or else I would buy every random thing I see there!

Heatherlyn said...

I like costco too. My kids love the samples!

Jen said...

I am SO with you on this one!!!!

sky girl said...

I can't afford to go every week but I sure would love to. They have the best sesame bagels. And yoga pants! And sleepers! Oh and croutons! And and and...