January 05, 2010

Don't let this angelic face fool you.

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This 20 month old is a rascal.
This 20 month old is busy.
She doesnt stop.
Unless she is sleeping.
Then she sucks her thumb.

This 20 month old prefers to climb on furniture rather than use it the way it is meant to be used.
This 20 month old loves books.
Especially ripping the pages out.
Or eating the corners.

This 20 month old has a crush on Elmo.
And Barney.
And Igglepiggle.
And her Daddy.

This 20 month old likes to carry around {clean} toilet brushes.
And papers she finds in the garbage.
This 20 month old is quite intrigued with Studley's...ahem....private parts.
As well as all of the other male body parts in this house.

This 20 month old is delicious.
The light of my life.
The love of my life.

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☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ said...

Happy 20th month Birthday!

Heatherlyn said...

It's a great age!!!! Love it up!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

She is too cute! Trust me, this is the best stage for little girls!

Cecily R said...

Perfect. Post. Seriously. It sums her up in the best kind of words and picture. I love it!

sheila said...

Awwwe, beautiful!

But wait til she's 20 years, lol

Peterson Family said...

Well, she fooled me. I thought she looked so sweet and innocent!

Cortney @ evanhaslanded.com said...

My youngest is almost 18 months! I LOVE this stage between 16 months and 2 yrs! I think it is my favorite! Your daughter is such a cutie!

Elaine A. said...

Precious girl! Sounds like she keeps you on your toes but makes you so VERY happy! : )

Erin said...

So adorable! I thought I saw a hint of a halo though!

Jen said...

I so know of what you speak.

Kids are weird.

blueviolet said...

I certainly see why that's true! :)

Foursons said...

Almost 2 year olds are so much fun!

Kekibird said...

Yep, sounds like the female version of my almost 4 year old, toilet brushes and all! (Except mine doesn't care if the brush is clean or not....ew!)

Susie said...

It's a sweet and furious age, isn't it:-)

Michelle said...

Everyone needs at least one little stinker in their lives. :)

Happy WW!

Otter Thomas said...

She is too cute. Great post too. By the way is there such thing as a clean toiler brush?

Brenda said...

They are wonderful, aren't they? Adorable!

Twincerely,Olga said...

beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!!