February 08, 2010

McFatty Monday

I am linking up with my new favourite blog this week for McFatty Monday! The Heir to Blair is frickin hilarious and in some weird bloggy world kind of way, I feel like we are living a very similar life.

Except she has a new baby. I have three brats.
She works. I work at home.
She is a newlywed (kinda). I have been married for almost 10 years.

But anyways...............

Like myself, Blair (not her real name of course) is on a weight loss journey. I am 5 weeks into my resolution to live a healthy lifestyle and show no signs of stopping.

I am 14 pounds down.
16 pounds to go and I will look like this.


After I get my boob job and somehow find the miracle cure for stretchmarks and cellulite.


During the last 5 weeks I have learned alot about myself.

I have learned that I am addicted to sugar.
I have learned that I can live without it.
I have learned that I actually do have some willpower.
I have learned that alot of my eating habits were just that. Habits. I didn't need an entire chocolate bar in one sitting. I survive with just a bite.

Shocking, I know.

I have learned that I like smoothies.
Yes, the girl with severe texture issues will now drink a smoothie that sometimes has..ahem...chunks.
*gasp* And I don't gag until I barf.

I have learned that I prefer ground turkey to ground beef.
I have learned that nuts really are a yummy snack.
I have learned that I can take my children to the movie theatre and watch an entire movie without eating a snack. While my children eat chocolate and buttery popcorn.
I have learned that I can go to the mall without staying for lunch.
I have learned that I can go out for dinner and order a salad. And actually enjoy it.

I have learned that this living healthy crap isn't really crap after all.
Especially if it means I will eventually look like this. Almost.


Foursons said...

One bite of a chocolate bar? Are you sure?

Good luck, I am watching you and trying to motivate myself!

Alissa said...

Oh goodness, that picture is hilarious! I need to check that site out :)

I am addicted to sugar as well--it's my downfall. I can down a couple bags of chocolate in a few days. Eeek!

Good luck with the weight loss :)

Anonymous said...

I'm slightly amazed at your realizations... seriously, no pop corn at the movies??? impossible I say! And I'm glad you joined McFatty Monday, I lurked over to the rest of your posts and I'm hooked :)

nicolesspirit878 said...

I love all the things you've learned because they are so true and there is success in the little things! Good luck and look forward to seeing you in a bikini again (LOL). Have fun this next week.

Heatherlyn said...

You are so right that most of what we eat and how we eat and even when we eat is simply habits. It's a very healthy way to look at it! Let me know when you discover a cure for stretch marks!!!! I think it is great that you are learning new things about yourself. That's exciting!

Jenny said...

That picture is so funny, don't we all wish for a body like that.. Way to go on your weight loss :)

Jen said...

I am so impressed. I really need to learn some of these things too.

girlytwins said...

One bite of chocolate??? That is some will power. And not eating popcorn at the movies...you rock!!

WTG Momma!! Keep up the good work.

Jenners said...

I'm so impressed with you!!

And isn't Face in Hole so much fun!!!??? I love it.

WackyMummy said...

You and I must be twins. Because underneath all this extra "skin" and pasty skin and freckles, I also look Just. Like. That.! No, really! ;)

Blair said...

I just laughed so hard that water came out of my nose.

& ditto on the chocolate bar. I'm finding that it gets easier & easier to just walk away & say no. I don't know how, but it is getting easier!

Why, even this morning I ran from sugar cookies! With sprinkles! PINK sprinkles! it was unheard of prior to McFatty Monday, but I credit y'all with keeping me on track!