March 22, 2010

McFatty Momma...err...I mean Monday

Ok, first I will fill you in on my progress.

20 pounds lost since January 4, 2010.
28 inches have disappeared from my body.

Where they went, I don't know, but somehow they aren't on me anymore.


I still feel fat.
And I still feel lumpy.
Ya know? Like cottage cheese lumpy.

I am starting to think that women are just born to hate their body. I think women will never be happy. Or is it just me?

I wasn't happy 20 pounds ago and I am still not satisfied even though I am considered to be at an ok weight for my height. I can fit into size 10 jeans, and size medium shirts but still feel frumpy.


And I want some poutine.
With a Coke.
And a big honkin king size Kit Kat for dessert.
Or an entire bag of Mini Eggs.

But I haven't caved.


{sorry, I am having a moment}

*taking a deep breath*

I feel better.

I have more energy.

I smile more.

I rock out with my Ipod on the treadmill.

And I am losing....not gaining.

So I guess I just need to be a bit more positive and celebrate my success so far...and 10 pounds from now when I am at my goal weight I need to work on toning my lumpy ass and thighs.

I wish I could tone my droopy boobs.

Click here to see how Blair is doing!

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Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. I wear a size 4 & I still feel lumpy. My muffin top hangs over my pants & my boobs sag to my belly button.

Gigi said...

I think it's a woman-thing. We have been conditioned to thinking if we don't look like the models - with their stick-like bodies - then we can't be happy. We need to stop the negative self-talk (I look fat, my thighs are jiggly, etc.) and start to talk to ourselves positively (yeah, I have room to talk here - as I am the queen of negative self-talk....but I'm gonna work on that!)

Hairy Babies said...

Pre-pregancy, I had lost a good amount of weight - 40-50 lbs that I managed to keep off for 8 years! Now that I'm pregnant and gaining steadily, it's a little scary, but I know what you mean about never feeling happy with yourself. Even getting down to a 4-6, I still picked at myself. I'm nervous about post-baby weight, too! Best of luck and congrats on your progress so far!

Shana said...

Congrats first of all! I do wish we could do something in the boob department too though.

Heatherlyn said...

You will be happy when there is no trace of cottage cheese anywhere on your body, when you look completely firm, when your tummy is flat (with no stretch marks) and there are no wrinkles anywhere on your skin. Which is ... somewhere back at 17 or something. :)

I think you are doing great. I think you will reach a point where you feel really good about the way you look. And when you can eat a kit kat without it blowing your entire diet. I think you are doing a fantastic job!

Anonymous said...! and I have said before, when I have responded to your blogs, that I think you are very pretty and have a smile that screams: "I am a blast!" I still pray that you will see yourself the way that I see you when you blog about yourself! I think you are awesome! Love ya, Kristina

Jen said...

That is really awesome! Good for you!!!

Jen said...

I just want you to you that I sit here eating cookies while reading about your will power and weight loss success. Man, I feel guilty.

Mercy said...

Something that I have found to help is lifting light weights (1 to 3 pounds) a few times a week. You get tonned up and lose weight at the same time.

But most importantly, it's how you feel about yourself. Cheer up. You don't have far to go.

kristi said...

Go girl! I just want to lose enough to fit in my size 18's again.

Grand Pooba said...

I think you are so right, women just weren't meant to ever be happy with their bodies. It's just something wired in us!

Congrats, you are doing awesome!!!! Be happy about that :o)

Grand Pooba said...

I think you are so right, women just weren't meant to ever be happy with their bodies. It's just something wired in us!

Congrats, you are doing awesome!!!! Be happy about that :o)

Jenny said...

I am the same way, I lost 25 lbs year before last and I am still not happy... I really wish there was a miracle way to tone the stomach and boobs :)

Foursons said...

Congrats on the 20 lbs. Good luck on the next 10. Don't worry about the cottage cheese. Just point at your 3 children that caused it. :)

Jenners said...

Wow! You're doing AMAZING. Seriously. Do you have a before photo you could put with a now photo .. that might help you feel better.

Elaine A. said...

So jealous. But I know how diligent you've been. Me? not so much. GREAT JOB Momma!!!

And please. I'm sure you look great!

Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

You are doing AMAZING.

& yes, it's a woman thing. Sometimes I'm like, "holy crap, Blair. You just got excited about weighing under 200 lbs. Way to go, LOSER." but then I try to remember - I FEEL BETTER. My clothes fit. I am successful.

I'm also lumpy, but it's more cushion for the pushin'

But I am proud of you & you continue to be an inspiration for me.