March 11, 2010

Where we went. The Answer Revealed.

I recently wrote a post {2 days ago} asking everyone if you could figure out where our family went last weekend.

It's right here actually.

A few of you were quite brilliant guessing it correctly. Yay for Kekibird and Foursons!!!!! If I was smart, I would have purchased a few tasty souvenirs and offered up a prize. But instead I offer up a "Yay" and "Youre brilliant".

We went here.

One word. YUM!

The family put on their lumber jackets (ok, not really), rubber boots and sunglasses and headed over to the Sugarbush on a beautiful Spring morning. There is no better way to spend a Saturday morning if you ask me. Walking through the mud with thousands of other people is very enjoyable as a matter of fact.


Did you know that Canada is the top producer of maple syrup in the entire world? Really, it is. The tour guide guy told us.

Did you also know that maple syrup is 66% sugar?

My children drink the stuff.

No wonder their clothes dont fit.

We learned how the Natives made maple syrup.
We tasted some.
We learned how to make cedar tea.

And I took pictures of fences.
Because I enjoy it.

We ate a pancake lunch.
With syrup.
We even bought maple syrup lollipops.


But the major event of the day was this.
The boys were so excited to go for a horse-pulled wagon ride.
We rushed to get in line, missing the wagon by 15 seconds.
So we waited.
And heard a very loud pop.
We saw all of the people quickly get off of the wagon.
And the horses were taken away.
We ended up going for a tractor-pulled wagon ride.
Because this is what happened to the horse-pulled wagon.

Lawsuit anyone?

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Ellemes said...

Ooooo....maple syrup suckers - sounds delicious!

Looks like a great trip! Great photos.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Wow...I'm surprised they even attempted to have horses pull that through the snow.

Looks like you guys had a great time though!

Lolli said...

Sounds like my kind of place! Sugar?? I'm there! Fantastic pictures!

Angela said...

Wow, beautiful photos of beautiful country. We have a maple barn nearby as well but haven't taken the kids. Won't be the same without the snow :).

Chris said...

Great story -- I've always wanted to go to a maple sugar farm.

You children drink it? I bathe in it.

(That sounded cooler in my head...)

Farmers Wife said...

This is so interesting, thanks for sharing and I love the photos!

Raise Them Up said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I've always wanted to take my kids to one of these places. It takes a huge amount of sap to make a tiny bit of syrup. I forget, now, how much. Do you remember? I'm always amazed.

My husband is a real syrup ONLY kind of guy.

Jenny said...

Yum, Maple Syrup lollipops. My son would love those.

Cecily R said...

So much for the wagon ride! What happened?

Love all the pics, but my FAV is the one of your son eating the lollipop. Love the coloring, love the kidness of it...I've said ti before and I'll say it again. I'm such a sucker for a good kid close up!

Run DMT said...

Ooooooo...We LOVE maple syrup. The REAL STUFF from the trees, not that nasty pancake knock-off stuff they try to pass off as "syrup".

What a great little adventure for you and your family! My kids would have loved that too!

kaye said...

What a fun place! love your pictures.

Kaye-the road goes ever ever on

Otter Thomas said...

When I first glanced at teh pictures I thought the bottles were whiskey. Yum indeed. I like syrup too though.

Kekibird said...

Yay my brain actually works!!

Glad you had a blast!

Elaine A. said...

I wanna go. I LOVE me some sugar, I mean maple syrup.

I feel like I had my own tour from your pictures. They are great.

Foursons said...

Oh my gosh! I was right!!!! What do I win? Do you need my address to send me that syrup?

Tyne said...

I love maple syrup! When I was a kid, we used to fill a cup with snow and pour maple syrup on it. Delicious. But the real stuff y'all had was probably way better than the Aunt Jemima we used!

Frugal Vicki said...

Oh my gosh, my hubby would be in Heaven.I can't count the times he has mentioned "pure, real, maple syrup."

Krystyn said...

Yum...maple syrup!

Aren't you glad you didn't get on the wagon?

Heatherlyn said...

Fascinating. I've often wondered if the maple trees which produce that lovely maple syrup can grow here. I'd love to have one in my backyard!

Mercy said...

I miss real maple syrup. Been a long time since I rode one of those wagons and ate fresh syrup off the snow. One of the little joys of Canadian winter.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

What a fun family adventure.... cept for the broken down ride.