March 14, 2010

Weekly Winners

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My camera was used alot this week.
The weather was beautiful and we were outside more than we have been in 4 months.
It is amazing what you can snap when you aren't cooped up in the house!!!
This is Princess. Our Flemish giant bunny that lives with Clyde and Fluffy in the barn. I wanted to name her Greta but the kids wouldn't go for it.

This is Princess, the daughter with a messy face of this wild and wacky family. Yes, she shares a name with our bunny.....but Princess isn't her real name so I guess it is ok. And, no, her real name is not Greta.
People. Please don't litter. This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by an upset mother who lives in the country with a ditch full of garbage. Hmph.
A boy and his dog having a moment. *sniff*
A boy happy to be out on his bike again.
A ditch river runs through it

All pictures taken with this beautiful piece of technology.

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ComfyMom~Stacey said...

My ditch looked like that a week ago! Beautiful sunset photos!

Tara R. said...

Wonderful set! Love the snap of a 'boy and his dog.' nice capture.

WackyMummy said...

I love your set. So many beautiful pics. Especially love what you did with the boy and his dog.

And I love Henry's too! :)

Heather said...

Great Pictures!!

Heatherlyn said...

I never tire of sunsets through trees. So beautiful!

I wish we had a bunny! My hubby is allergic to everything with fur. Would you like our guinea pig? He can hang out in your barn too!

SarahInMI said...

LOVE a boy and his dog....

tara said...

the ditch sure does look lovely in that lighting! and how precious is 'a boy and his dog'?

Foursons said...

That last photo is GORGEOUS! Who knew that a ditch could be so pretty? Not I says the blind man.

Lotus (Sarcastic Mom) said...

The boy and his dog shot is really wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Your blog always makes me chuckle! I love the litter one, I have that problem, too! Throw it right in my ditches!
Love the pics!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Oh, beautiful pictures. I especially love the last one.
We came home today to find a pizza box in our lawn, that was definitely NOT ours! I hate litter.

Denise said...

Okay, this is seriously one of those sets where I go, "Ooh I like that one. OOh I like that one. OOh I like THAT one!" Fantastic set!

AmazingGreis said...

Great pictures. The sunset photos are beautiful.