April 05, 2010

McFatty Me

Hi there. Remember me? I am the gal that used to post on this blog everyday.
Then I went away...across the country.
And somehow couldn't find the time to write anything interesting.
Except how the weather sucked large on the opposite end of my wonderful country. I am sure it isn't always cold, rainy and windy in BC but dang it, it was awful!

Annnnyways, I am home, back to the routine of yelling, cleaning and cooking in my own home.
Just the way I like it.

Let me fill you in on my weight loss progress as of last Wednesday.
Before I went away and ate at restaurants.
Before I went away and enjoyed roast beef and turkey dinners.

Last Wednesday I was down 22 1/2 pounds.
I officially entered the land of "The 150's" and did a happy dance when I saw the number on the scale.
This is huge people.

I am 8 pounds from my goal weight but to be honest, I am happy where I am right now. I just need to tone my flab and I will be a happy Momma.

While away I behaved myself.
I did not drink alcohol.
I did not eat dessert.
I only drank water.
Instead of ordering a burger and fries for lunch, I ordered a wrap. *gag*
I didn't eat Yorkshire pudding with roast beef and gravy.
I loaded up on veggies instead of mashed potatoes.

Annnnnnd.....I worked out in the gym at the hotel.

Yay me!

Tomorrow I weigh in.
Please pray for me.
Pray that I have stayed the same or went down even a little bit.

And if I have, I might even celebrate it with some chocolate Easter eggs.

Just because.

Check out Blair and her beautiful yellow blouse here.

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Heatherlyn said...

It's really challenging to stay on track while traveling. I admire your self-discipline and I hope that you are rewarded with the number you want to see on the scale!!!

Foursons said...

Good luck! I look forward to your weigh-in much more than my own. I binged yesterday. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Great job on your weight loss!!!