April 12, 2010

McFatty Monday

Weight loss as of April 8
24 pounds, 33 inches

When I originally started my new healthy living lifestyle, I knew had a few issues.

And cravings.

I couldn't stop eating chocolate.
I also got into the habit of drinking a can of Coke Zero everyday for lunch.

I had developed many habits that I just couldn't stop.

So I needed a program. A program that cost money. A program that helped me stop my bad habits. A program that monitored my progress closely so if I got off track, they would kick me in the butt and let me know exactly what I needed to do to get back on track.

I knew that spending money on a program would be a reason to stick with it because I am the cheapest gal on the planet and will not waste money.......unless it is on chocolate and gossip magazines.

My plan worked.

I stuck with the program.
Almost stopped my bad habits.
And didn't waste money.

But now when people find out I followed a "program" to lose the weight, it is almost embarrassing. I get the "Oh, well lets hope you can keep it off" comments and the "I would never spend the $$$$" comments.

This is what I want to do when I hear that crap.

I am 24 pounds lighter.
I am almost down 4 sizes.
I don't eat salt.
Or drink pop.
I exercise.
I feel better.
I have more energy.

So I really don't give a kahoot if people look down on me because I was weak and needed a program to lose the weight.

At least I lost it and learned new healthier habits.

And I plan on keeping it off thank you very much.

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Gigi said...

Why would anyone look down on someone who took the steps necessary to make herself healthier?? You are not weak - you rock!! Good for you!

Victoria said...

24 pound is an awesome accomplishment! People shouldn't care how you do it as long as it's done!

Foursons said...

If I had the money I'd totally pay someone to help me lose weight! Good for you and congrats!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Congrats on your weight loss...that's soooo AWESOME! I'm on a program too and it's working great:)


Heatherlyn said...

I know people who use programs and they really work. So why not? If one thing worked for everyone we wouldn't have so many options. I'm glad that you found one that worked for you!!!!

Jenners said...

Who cares if you paid a lot of money or used a program? You got results and feel better and that is what counts! You go girl!

sanjeet said...

an awesome accomplishment!
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girlytwins said...

WTG! And I have no idea why anyone would ever look down on someone for making a change to better themselves. You are a strong enough person to realize what you as an individual needed to make a difference in your life. Good for you!