May 20, 2010


Now we just need the weekend to get here so we can plant it all.
And an instruction manual.
And some guidance from experienced gardeners.
Because we are new to this country living stuff.

Just because I wear aprons and my hubby listens to Bluegrass music doesnt mean we know how to be successful gardeners.

Help needed.
Advice welcome.


PhotoStory Friday
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Leslie said...

we are at the same spot!!

the gardens are ready, the tomatos can go out now.... but so many questions!!

I think we're just gonna plunk it all in the ground & see what happens!!

Mom24 said...

Good luck! I have a black thumb so I'm no help whatsoever, but great pictures. :)

Gigi said...

You plant it. You water it. You talk to it. And you pray. That's all you can do.

Just Lisa said...

I think my try to plant stuff this weekend, too! Maybe we can start a support group!

Michelle said...

I have a serious brown thumb so I will not be sharing any gardening tips with you. :)

Great shots.

Chris said...

We're gardening for the first time in our sixteen year marriage -- and things are actually growing.

The end of time is coming fast.

I love that shot of the tractor tire -- frame it and hang it up. Immediately :)

Cecily R said...

My thumb is brown. But I WILL wish you good luck!

LALALALOVE this post though. Love the pics (the angles and close ups are AWESOME) and love the way you put it together. I think you and I must have been channeling each other this week!

Emily said...

Good luck! We planted some stuff a few weeks ago and it seems to be doing ok. I'm crossing my fingers!

Jenners said...

But didn't you just tell us you live in the place with the most amazing soil ever ... or did I read that wrong? Just toss it in there, water and eat!

Heatherlyn said...

My gardening strategy is simple:

Plant things with seeds. Whatever grows in abundance replant the next year. :)