May 04, 2010



Ok...Mommas back. I apologize for my Debbie Downer post yesterday and promise to be in a better mood, starting right now.

*deep breath*

I bring you my random thoughts for the week.... and, remember, I am not in the best mental state right now so don't judge k?

*If I didn't change the bedsheets, I wonder if it would ever get done.

*Why do my children feel the need to whip it out and pee wherever they are standing?

*I have been eating alot....A-L-O-T of protein for the past 7 days and I am so frickin constipated. Remember.....don't judge.

*Dear Children. I am happy that your bowels are working just fine, but would appreciate it if you would flush the toilet when you're finished your business. Thanks. Love Mom

*I am worried about Lindsay Lohan. I don't know her, have never been a fan but I see what her life has become and think she needs some help. I say we hold an Intervention, let her know that just because her parents are wackos doesn't mean its ok to ruin her life.

*Princess, my 2 year old daughter enjoys AC/DC music. Hold me.

* I want one, two or three of these but cant get them in Canada. Anyone want to send me some???

*Backtacular Shields! If you ask me, every gal and many plumbers should wear them!

Happy Tuesday y'all!


Leigh said...

AC/DC - that's great!

My husband has my 7 yr old walking around singing 'Presidents of the United States'. It drives me crazy!

WackyMummy said...

Boys pee wherever. It's written into their genetic code. I hear it can be scared out of them by telling them that bugs crawl up the pee and get into the penis and cause... (use your imagination here... whatever scares the pee out of them).

I agree: Lindsey Lohan needs help. She's too talented to go to waste. I still like her in Freaky Friday... before she went all... freaky.

Here's my protein tip: pair it with orange juice... lots of orange juice... and lots of fibre. It'll help. Sweetie, I wish you could have a few healthy carbs... would cheer you right up. How about some whole grain rice? It's really yummy with your favorite seasonings and (lowfat) sauces! I love the South Indian stuff the best, because it's so spicy and lowfat. However, the flavor makes me want to eat more and more.... on second thought, maybe not.

I'll shut up now.

Gigi said...

No the bedsheets would never be changed if you didn't do it. I know this from experience.

Fiber, lots and lots of fiber. Fixing the constipation will go a long way in improving your mood - promise!

The Crazy Coxes said...

No. The bedsheets would NEVER get changed. And no, no one would even realize that they hadn't been changed.

Sorry that instead of hiding the fact that their systems are in working order, they have to make you jealous and leave evidence!

More veggies! Yeah - you need roughage.

VandyJ said...

The bedsheet would not get changed, simply because they would not be on the beds. Guys sleep in sleeping bags or just the blankets. Sheets are for us ladies.

Foursons said...

Why doesn't the fashion industry just make jeans that come up high enough to cover the crack?

Jen said...

What are those things that you want? Ice cube trays?

Grand Pooba said...

Hahaha! Love the pee picture! And I truly hope you poop really soon. :o)

Rachele said...

Poor, poor Lindsay. I'll join the intervention.

My son has finally stopped peeing outside. Amazing how his Father taught him this and then got upset when he chose to pee outside off the porch vs the bathroom

Karen said...

I have a friend in Ohio...she could order them through Amazon and then we could ship here!

Pam said...

I sincerely believe that boys do pee anywhere and take delight in it!!

And the sheets, nope..if we don't change one else will.

Angel said...

AC/DC is good! And If I knew were to buy those I would totally send you some!!

Jenners said...

Shivers ... how did she find out about AC/DC anyway?

And I do worry about Linsday too. She could totally be amazing if she got her stuff together.

Elaine A. said...

Tell me where I can get the dish and I'll send you some.

p.s. I ADORE that you said "y'all"! :D

Anonymous said...

Girl...what's the matter with you!!! AC/DC is great! You should know that growing up in the 80's! Your daughter is on the right track to knowing what GOOD music is! Love ya, Kristina