May 11, 2010



It's Tuesday.
You know what that means?
It means that you get to read the madness that roams through my brain.
Lucky you.

*I took Studley for a walk last night. My almost 11 year old, arthritic beast of a dog and I went for stroll down our country road and he crapped approximately 6 times and peed approximately 22 times. How is that physically possible? At one point I pulled the leash as he was having a turd in the bushes hoping that he would stop. He didn't. I cursed at him.

*I remember why I don't take Studley for walks very often.

*It wont be happening again in the near future.

*I love shoes.  Not fancy shoes, just casual, go with anything shoes.  But lately, when I walk into shoe stores I don't see anything I like.  Call me old.  Call me out of style, but shoes that look like this do nothing for me and it makes me sad.

*I saw this picture of Gisele.  It was taken a few months after having her baby.  I.Hate.Her.

*I have a cough.  I am not sick.  I just have a cough.  It makes me think I have some deadly disease that I just don't know about yet.  I.Always.Have.A.Cough

*No, I do not smoke.

*Or drink...often.  Although I think about drinking hard liquor when my children are giving me a hard time.

*Which is all of the time

But anyways........

Have a wonderific Tuesday y'all.


Shana said...

This is going to sound mean but Gisele can bite Nobody should look like that after a baby. Those shoes are ugly I have to agree with you on that!

Adoption of Jane said...

I.Hate.Her too! I stared at the screen really hard and thought I saw an airbrushed stretch mark but it was a hanging eyelash.

Those shoes are fugly I don't get these trends either!

WackyMummy said...

I hate Gisele too, as well as those "shoes".

Leigh said...

Studley - that a great name for a dog! That's also the nickname I gave me hubby years ago. LOL

Rachele said...

I'm not a shoe person so those shoes do nothing for me.

I have a cough. Not always but just picked one up today along with a headache. No fun.

Pollyanna said...

Those are the fugliest footwear I've ever seen. Why you need to keep your ankles warm while letting the tootsies get frostbite is beyond me. I bet whomever buys these still wears leg warmers too.

slommler said...

I so agree with you. The footwear of late has been atrocious! Who wears these things???
And as for Gisele...well...**##%$**&#%!!!
Enough said!!

Foursons said...

Giselle is a freak of nature. Just sayin...

Studley cracks me up.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

All that poopin' and peein' - no wonder his name is 'Studley'! ;)

Wonder how much of that photo is airbrushed. Too bad they couldn't airbrush the photo of the shoes.


Jenners said...

Jeez Studley ... get a grip!

And Gisele is a cyborg ... she has to be!

Barb said...

Hi. Stopping by from Keely. I love Studley's name! and my Ginger also feels she needs to pee in every yard we pass. It makes me crazy. Happy Tuesday.

Brasden's_Mommy said...

I guarantee she's had a tummy tuck. All the celebs opt for c-sections these days. & the doctor can just tuck it up right after they get the baby. I think it's ridiculous. I had a c-section & would never opt for another one.

sky girl said...

Yeah, the shoes are bad. Don't know where that trend came from. If your legs are anything but toothpicks, they'll look awful wearing those.

Fashion designers hate women.

Gisele = bitch. Maybe the backs of her thighs are riddled with stretch marks?