July 21, 2010

Dinks and Arses will one day be funny

I am not a perfect parent.

Shocking, I know, but I feel that I should be open and honest with all of you who think I am...umm....succeeding at this parenting thing.

Because every second of every day I feel like I am failing.

This parenting stuff isn't getting any easier. I thought that once my kids could dress and feed themselves that things would run smoothly and life would get easier.



The thing is, my kids are smart. My kids are sneaky. My kids are devious at times. My kids know how to push my buttons. My kids keep learning new "stuff" and I am having a difficult time keeping up, or, better yet, staying ahead of them.

Just when I finally get them to stop using the word "arse", they decide to teach their two year old sister how to say "dink". And then after explaining why they shouldn't eat so much junk food, I find a bag of cookies in their dresser drawer.


I feel like I am Forrest Gump just running, and running, and running without an end in sight. I see people doing crafts with smiles on their faces and I see kids interested in playing at the park or in the sandbox.   I see children hugging their parents and just generally looking happy being together.

The only thing my boys enjoy doing is beating the crap out of each other.


And being a girl who never was a boy and had a brother, I just do not get it. I cant help but look at them with a puzzling expression and asking them "Why?".

"How is that fun?"
"Why do you enjoy hurting each other?"
"Cant you find a toy to play with?"
"Someone is going to get hurt"
"Don't come crying to me when someone ends up hurt"
"Cant we all just get along?"

So my point is....well...I don't really have a point.

I try to get through my days as a Mother doing the best I can to raise happy, healthy children even though some days I want to run far, far away without an end in sight.

I am hopeful that all I do is the "right thing" and I will be able to laugh about my children using the words "dink" and "arse" one day. 

Because I am sure the years ahead are going to bring us many more challenges.

Hold me.


Gigi said...

Have no idea what a "dink" is - so I am not appalled at all.

Had to laugh about the line about it getting easier. But only because I thought the same thing once upon a time....I can tell you in all honesty - it does get easier but yet harder at the same time....

And I definitely know what you mean when you say as a girl, I am constantly looking at him with a puzzled expression and asking "Why?" Whereupon, I turn to Hubby and ask, "Is this normal? Did *you* do this when you were his age?" and he replies, unhelpfully, "I don't remember."

Ah, the joys of being a mother....sounds like you are doing a fine job!

Jenners said...

And in this one post, you perfectly captured the essence of parenting ... and I only have one kid!!!! Those parents smiling and doing crafts are ROBOTS!

Elaine A. said...

I already kinda feel your pain in the boys want to beat each other department. Mine were tackling each other AT THE DOCTOR's office today. Nice.

And the faux word for the main boy part here is "penus" (pronounced peh-nooce) and it's used ALL the time. I blame my husband.

Email if you need to vent (and commiserate) more...

Stephanie said...

You're doing a GREAT job, Momma! Never doubt that. You're raising articulate, creative, strong, healthy kids. Just re-read your post. And please, for the love of chocolate, stop pulling your hair out!

Life with Kaishon said...

You aren't perfect! WHAT! You have to be kidding me!

As a mother of one boy and various boy children friends that are forever in our living room and yard, I can attest to the fact that all they do, day in and day out, is FIGHT! It is insane. Seriously, insane!

And yet, they seem to love it.

Oh well. Whatever floats your boat : )

scrappysue said...

i hear ya, and you are so right. it gets easier physically, but mentally it gets harder. just thought u outta know. you also outta know you're in a very large boat with a tonne of mums who also feel exactly the same way. and we're all fine :)