July 06, 2010

H-U-G-E Fail.

Have you ever gone water skiing?
Or should I say, have you ever gotten your butt out of the water while on water skis?
I haven't.
Nope. Ass up...then down .5 seconds later.
Face plant in water.
Skis flying everywhere.
Except on top of the water.
It was not a pretty sight.

What is even worse is that my 8 year old son did better than me.
And my hubby got up first try.
And stayed up.
Then dropped a ski.
And stayed up.
For awhile. Just to rub it in.
I suck.

But I can take it.
At least I tried
....and failed.


Anonymous said...

That's right...at least you tried! That's the best part. Well, and the great pictures!

Muthering Heights said...

Good for you for trying!

Jen said...

I used to ski and then I fell on a ski sideways and it went up my butt. That was the end of skiing for me.

Anne said...

I couldn't water ski to save my life. But I'm very good at falling over on water skis...

Gigi said...

Hey, at least you tried! That counts as an accomplishment in my book! I would never even try!

Anonymous said...

Never tried water skiing, but change the word water to snow and you've described my one and only time on the hill!

parentingBYdummies said...

Never been. I swim like a stone. Good for you for trying. It does look fun excpet for the possibility of drowning part which is not an issue for people who know what they are doing when it comes to water play. Just not my thing I guess. Always wondered though, when you lose a ski, how do you get it back? Do they float?

Elaine A. said...

Yeah, I skied when I was like a teenager. And even then I had a hard time getting my but out of the water. But it was fun!!

debi9kids said...

LOL. sounds about right.
Ar least you tried :)

Night Owl Mama said...

where are the pictures of your attempts I would of liked to see those. LOL

I went in my early days ONCE it was probably one of the best times too!

a friend of mine and I went with the security of the store we worked at. It was the best time on the like an dour first time tube-in. WHat a laugh

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I've never tried, even though I live in FL, and probably never will because I am a HUGE klutz!

Kerry said...

Awesome pictures. Good for u for giving it a shot. One day I'll get the courage to do that, lol.

Pua said...

At least you tried! My hubs tried recently and it didn't work out well for him at all...I thought he had drowned, but he came back unfortunately.

Jenners said...

Hey ... at least you tried! I did this when I was little ... I think it is easier when you are little.

Heatherlyn said...

My husband is a good water skier. Me ... the last time I was in that position I thought, "It really hurts my knees when I get up there. WHY am I doing this? It just isn't fun." Maybe I'll try wake boarding. Then again, maybe I'll just take pictures of everyone else in the water. Someone has to take the pictures, right? :)

Amy said...

I tried water skiing when I was younger, dislocated my hip and swore I would NEVER try it again. To this day, I haven't and won't. We have a boat so I was "forced" to do something. I've learned how to wakeboard and wake surf. LOVE them both. Throw away the skis and try a board. :)