August 15, 2010

Facebook Status-es

I must admit that Facebook is entertaining. You can know everything about a person's life and not even talk to them if you pass them on the street. You can know what their children look like....see who they have married....or divorced. You can keep in touch with relatives all over the world and advertise your business....or blog. It is quite a fun little piece of the world wide web that I spend way too much time on.

Damn you Bejeweled Blitz.

Since I am low on blog writing ideas, I am copying other bloggers and making some of my random status-es into a blog post.

Youre welcome.

Middle Child- "Mom, was it hard pushing me and Messy and Princess out of your bum?" Mom- "You have no idea, my dear" Middle Child- "I guess that means yes"

Parenting Tip #489587973973.....Do not buy pop for your children at lunch. Just sayin'.

I think Jesse James and Tiger Woods should marry eachother.


The Wishful Lamb said...

lmao this is too funny!

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

You have very interesting facebook statuses. I think you should be my facebook friend. ;)

kristi said...

LOL...send me a friend invite on Facebook...Kristi Crawford Armstrong. I keep it interesting!

Just Lisa said...

Love these! The status messages are my favorite part of Facebook. That, and I'm addicted to Bejeweled, too!

Jenners said...

Too funny ... and I love how you used the photos too. Now perhaps I'll start using Facebook to get a new blog post! : )