August 16, 2010


Hola amigos! Randomness has taken a break for most of the summer as I have had three children at home who do not allow Mom to think of anything except them.

And what they want to eat.
And where they want to go.
And where I am going to find the money tree so I can afford everything they want.

Spoiled brats.

But....I am back. And full of random crap that my brain needs to release to make room for new crap.

It is an endless cycle.

*Speaking of my children eating. They eat alot. They eat too much. I kinda wish they were like snakes who eat a big meal once a month and then go off to sleep until they are hungry again.

Did I just say that?

*I had a dream that I was pregnant again.  I woke up in a cold sweat shaking.  Can someone convince my husband to get fixed before I run to the nearest hospital and have the "procedure" done myself? 

*I love that my daughter has a great imagination.

*I was at a concert last week and I couldn't help but wonder how the musicians choose what they are going to wear during the concert.  John Mayer had on ugly gray pants, a black tank top and pink bandanna on his forehead.  Did he plan that outfit out?  Did someone plan it for him?  If so, they need to be fired.

*Does anyone eat banana peppers because hubby planted some and we don't eat them.  Instead I have been throwing them in the ditch for wildlife to enjoy.  I am sure the raccoons and rabbits have the runs because of it.  Suckers.

*I need another dog to pick up the crumbs that get dropped on Studley

*Only three weeks until school starts.

But who is counting?

*I am bloated

*Before having children, I hoped that we would create happy, healthy beautiful babies who eventually had fun personalities.
I think we succeeded.

And they are nothing like their father as you can tell


Foursons said...

My Nolan is a garbage disposal. He NEVER stops eating.

Gigi said...

I *love* random posts. Especially considering I'm all about random myself.....

Only one more week until school for us! Can you tell I'm extra excited? And that Man-Child is a bit more gloomier?

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahhaha! Love the picture of Dad! Oh my gosh, I think I feel wet stuff down my legs 'cause I'm laughing too hard!
Love your blog, Mamma! You make my days so much better!
Still waitin' for Rowdy (or Messy) to show up at our door. You can send them COD if you want!

Jenn said...

OMG..."Can someone convince my husband to get fixed before I run to the nearest hospital and have the "procedure" done myself?" HA!

I hear ya, loud and clear! Maybe your husband and my husband could go together. They could hold hands, or something, tell each other it's going to be OK.

Whatever, I say, JUST GO ALREADY!

Jen said...

That last picture is awesome!

kristi said...

LOL, my kids want snacks all the time. Luckily I found a place that has cheap healthy snacks and I visit them once a week..totally worth the 40 mile drive one way.

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

Just don't ever let your husband meet my husband until your husband has the procedure done. Then they can swap war stories. Personally, it didn't seem that bad. I mean, I felt NO pain whatsoever when he had it done! I don't know what he was complaining about. ;)

Shana said...

Oh my gosh those last 2 pics are awesome. So funny. I would frame those suckers!

Joy McMillan said...

Just stumbled upon your blog...have no idea how, actually...but so glad I did. Thanks for the belly laughs {that almost woke my sleeping children}. You're a hoot! Rock on.

Elaine A. said...

You're so funny! And look at that sweet baby squash. She must take after you... ;)

Tiaras said...

my kids eat all day long too - I don't get it!

Michele said...

Banana peppers are great. Much better that bananas. I either stir fry them or stuff them with some kind of cheese mixture. If you want some recipes let me know.

Jenners said...

Wow ... John Mayer sounds like he needs a stylist STAT.

Love the squash baby!

And your husband's pasties are just terrific!

Beta Dad said...

Weird. I just saw a woman at the Asian market yesterday pushing a stroller with a couple squashes in it.

Cute kids!

Snooker said...

There's some nice random there...

Oh, and hey the pic of the kids is a classic. Print and frame it.
AND plan on using it against them in their teens.