August 04, 2010

A fourth baby in the future?????

I think Hell has frozen over.
Because I was in the baby section of Walmart today inhaling baby lotion scent and gazing at teeny tiny baby socks.

And I enjoyed it.
And thought for a second about having one more baby.
Then I remembered the constipation, sleepless nights, heartburn and 50 pound weight gain.

And how cute newborns are.

And how much I love being in the hospital for 2-3 days getting taken care of.

Not cooking.
Or cleaning.
Or dealing with wrestling matches in my kitchen.

Just holding a beautiful baby and gazing at him/her for hours and hours amazed at the beauty of birth.

I thought about the little clothes.  Tiny diapers. The cute noises they make.  The first smile.  The baby smell.  The baby feet.  And hands.

Then I remembered that I am 35 years old and have 3 perfect, healthy children.  I remembered how much I love my sleep and how little I enjoy actually being pregnant.


Actually, I hated it.  All three times.  I tried to enjoy it and savour every moment but the uncomfortable feeling of carrying a person inside of me wasn't any fun.  Anyone that says it was is lying.

Don't judge me just because I am honest and everyone else isn't.

I ran out of the baby section in Walmart as soon as the feelings started to come back.  My cart and I whizzed over to the toiletries department and picked up some disposable adult wipes and I quickly lost the "longing for a newborn feeling".

I am happy with my three children.  I am happy with my life and feel 100% complete.
Besides....I have already gotten rid of all of my baby "equipment".
And don't have any more bedrooms in my house.

Can someone please have a baby and invite me over so I can smell them?


Gigi said...

I know how you feel, honestly. Although I did enjoy being pregnant until about month 7 in the Texas heat.....but the wanting someone else to have one just to smell them and hold them but not "deal" with them? Yeah, I understand that.

WackyMummy said...

Oh, hahahahaha! I go through the same thing too. I hated pregnancy... or it hated me. It doesn't matter; we won't be going through THAT again. In fact, soon after Evan's birth, I told his father that he better "make an appointment" NOW before I change my mind, because I knew I might have baby-cravings. Sure, at times I've regretted it, but then I think about how important sleep and sanity are to me, and I'm okay with it. ;)

Jen said...

I have been in that boat but thankfully it past.

Oh the power of the baby.

Stephanie said...

Seriously LOL. Come on over to my blog for your baby fix. There's lots of cute pictures. And once I find a widget that lets you smell, I'll post it there!

Momlissa said...

I do get it. I have found myself getting wistful in the baby section of the baby section of Target. It's been such a huge part of my life for almost 6 years now, it's almost like a security thing for me. lol. It's a good thing my husband got a vasectomy or I may have decided to go for a fourth...mostly because I only had a single baby once and enjoyed that experience so much. The twins newborn phase was a blur of stress and drama...

Just Lisa said...

I didn't like being pregnant, either! What's there to like? Get fat, throw up all the time, my face was one giant zit for 9 months... Not a fun time for me!

Jenn said...

You can come over and sniff my baby. He's almost 7 months old (GAH!)but is still totally sniffable. (Unless of course you catch a whiff of a dirty diaper...there's an EXCELLENT reason not to have any more babies!)

Jenners said...

Yes ... just BORROW one. You don't need another one!

John Deere Mom said...

Are you out of your mind?! Stay far, far away from the baby section, my friend.

Jenn Emmerson said...

You can come smell Rachel's head anytime you want....honestly! Just let me know ahead of time so I'll make sure she doesn't smell like puke or poop and you can sniff her all you want :)