August 25, 2010

Remembering My Neighbourhood Friends

In my 35 years of life, I have lived in many neighbourhoods. Actually in my first 10 years of life, my family lived in 5 different homes in 5 different towns/cities.

4 out of 5 of those towns started with the letter "B"

But anyways.

I was convinced that my parents were running from the law but we never changed our names and we never had to wear a disguise, so I think it was just my father's job.

The running from the law story would be so much more interesting.

But anyways.

Because I moved so much, I was able to meet many different friends who had many different interests

*Like Mr. Hooper our neighbour. I remember playing t-ball with him in his backyard......and his kids of course. I don't remember his kids names though. Hmmm.....

*Or my blond Dutch friend who wasn't allowed to watch Little House on the Prairie or Three's Company. I was convinced that her parents hated her and she would live a long unhappy life because she missed out on Laura Ingalls and Jack Tripper.

Poor her.

*I remember two friends. Sisters actually. They had roller skates, a Pac Man game in their basement, a chalkboard in their garage, a cottage and pretty hair.
I didn't have any of it and wanted their family to adopt me just so I could play Pac Man whenever I wanted.

The sisters and I were inseparable. We roller skated down our street over and over again. We went to the roller rink and spent Sunday afternoons skating in a circle over and over again.

Fun times.

We belted out Whitney Houston tunes, played "school" in their garage but always disagreed on who would be the teacher. We had sleepovers, watched Gilligan's Island while eating apples and peanut butter and we made forts out of lawn chairs on our front lawn.

Our forts were actually houses because we were Mommies. Our children were our Cabbage Patch Dolls....and my little brother.

And we played Pac Man.
Ok, I played Pac Man while they told me I only wanted to be their friend because they had a Pac Man game.

So not true.
But it was a bonus.

The sisters eventually moved to California and deserted me.
And they had the nerve to take their Pac Man game with them.


I havent been the same since.

I bet MamaKat has a Pac Man game


Foursons said...

They sound like the most awesome best friends ever. I mean for their stuff alone....

Lindsey said...

My neighbors had arcade games in their basement, too. It was the coolest thing ever. But, I really wasn't interested in the kids. I guess that says something, huh?

So Chic Decor said...

Great post! Just found your site through the "Want more followers post" on the blog frog! I'm now a follower!