August 24, 2010


Happy Tuesday. Only two weeks until school starts again and I can sit....without splitting up fights and threatening to wash my boys mouths out with soap. I can read. I can watch Ellen. I can just sit.

Ok, who am I kidding? I will be as busy as ever but will just get more done.

Lets get a few things out in the open before I get down and dirty with my random thoughts for the week.

*Have You Ever will return when the kidlets are back at school.

*A giveaway is coming up.

*I think I am ready for a blog makeover.

*And I need a cure for zits because any 35 year old who has gone through puberty and is not pregnant should not be getting zits.

Just sayin'.

*Middle child wore my underwear to bed while on vacation because we forgot his pyjamas. They were lacy, granny panties. And they fit him. I was slightly disturbed by this.  And so was he.  Thank goodness.

granny Pictures, Images and Photos

Please note that these are not MY panties.

*Oldest child says "What's up dawwwg" constantly and it makes me want to scream, but I am hoping if I ignore it and not give him any attention for it, that this bad habit will stop.  It has been happening since January.......

*I have been sucked in.  I swore I would not watch Bachelor Pad but I am hooked.  It is trashy, dirty and sneaky.  My kind of show!

*I now remember why having a 2 year old isn't always fun.
*Chewed gum magnets
Geesh.  Why didn't I think of this?  My children don't understand that people throw their gum out when finished with it.  Instead they just drop it wherever they are.  I could be a millionaire.
If you want some.....go here.  Or just come to my house.
*I wish I was a millionaire.

*I wish I didn't like chocolate so much.

*The marriage of Tiger Woods is over.  I am shocked.  I thought that she would take him back, forget about his cheating and they would live happily ever after.  Not.

*I took a picture of my boys playing together.  Just because they were playing together.

Happy Tuesday Dawwwwwg!



Cecily R said...

Your randomness completes me. Heh.

alicia said...

Lovin your randomness. And couldn't agree more about 35+ with zits. Really? It's like a sick cruel joke and just might make the friday flip off list this week.

Shana said...

You crack me up. I cannot believe someone made chewing gum magnets. Crazy.

Foursons said...

I napped 9:30 in the morning. Bliss, pure bliss.

shopannies said...

what better reason for taking a picture at that age than simply because they were getting along playing together love it

Gigi said...

Sooooo with you on the zit thing - as I can feel one beginning to sprout as I type. It's so not fair. If there are any perks to being a grownup not getting zits should be one of them.

Michelle said...

Great random post. The shot of the drawing on the wall made me laugh. In our days the first thing our mom would have done was get out the 409 and start scrubbing....blogger moms first get out the camera. :)

Elaine A. said...

So, I was totally with you until the underwear. Love it though! ;)

sheila said...

Awesome...awesome post! LOL. Thanks for a good chuckle!

Jenners said...

I think those chewed gum magnets would make me vomit.

I FINALLY heard that Pink song "Glitter in the Air." Really liked it.

I like chocolate too much.

A little random comment to go with your random post.