September 21, 2010

In Which Momma Gives Stuff Away

To celebrate my 721st post I am giving something away. Other bloggers give away stuff to celebrate 1 year blogging....100 posts....a birthday....or have to write reviews of products in order to give it to their readers.

Not Momma.

I am giving away free stuff just because.

And 721 posts is pretty friggin phenomenal if you ask me.

But really, I am just nice.  And I love my readers muchly.

What am I giving away you ask?

Dinosaur stuff.

5 books all about dinosaurs.  Your children will be dinosaur experts after reading these books.....if they aren't already.

My children have never been interested in the creatures.  I tried my hardest but they said they were too scary...then they said that they are too hard to talk about because the names are too long....and now they say that dinosaurs are for little kids.


I guess they are for little kids who don't think they are scary and have great skills at pronouncing tough words.

But anyways.

I am giving all 5 books away to one person.
One person who comments on this post.
If the person is a follower on my blog, Twitter or Facebook page, I might just send them something extra to go along with it.

Because I am nice like that.

But make sure you let me know in your comment if you are a follower on any OK?

Happy 721st post to me.....and you!
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Sara said...

Congrats on 721 posts! That really is impressive!

Jenn said...

OMG, my kid would freak at the dino stuff. He already is an expert (he told me so himself the other day) but there's always room for more!

Keep posting, Momma!

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

I'm a follower and my son is a paleontologist wannabe! And we've never seen those books before! Seriously is a great idea. Maybe I should have an idea like that....

Anonymous said...

I was sure you would be giving away gourds! I would have never, ever guessed it would be DINOSAUR books! Your kids really are 'one of a kind...a very special kind, mind you!'
Yes, I LOVE reading all about Momma's life, her ups & her downs. Momma makes me smile! Keep up the great work!
Anonymous me again...try Earlton!

Gigi said...

I follow you here and on twitter - but don't enter me, as I don't think my son would appreciate the dinosaur stuff. Although.....his 16th birthday is next week and I don't have a gift yet.....

Michele said...

My 3 year old is completely into dinosaurs and would love new books. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh! Princess Nagger would LOVE those! She plans on being a Paleontologist when she grows up - and instead of a birthday party this year, she wants to go to the Dinosaur Museum! :)

I thought I was already following you - but apparently I wasn' I've rectified that situation! ;)

WW: Goofy Contortionist

Angkie Borres said...

Those dinosaur pictures remind me of my childhood. I'm still 16 and im turning 17 this December. When I was young(I'm still young for now, LOL) I could imagine gigantic monsters like these creautures. I was afraid then. Fast forward, I would always remember my imaginations, how I create illusions and ideas on different things. That was cool for a young child.

Anyway, Congrats on 721 posts!

Graced0609 said...

Wow. I thought it was a milestone when I got to 19 posts lol. My oldest boy is a paleontologist/Nascar driver (in love with everything dinosaurs and cars) in training. He watches this show called Dinosaur Train and has absolutely fallen in love with everything dinosaur. He's talking about dinosaurs called parasaurolophus and argentenasaurus (I think that's how they are spelled lol). I can barely pronounce the words but he can say them all nice and clearly (he's 3). And of course his favorite thing to do, pretend he's a dinosaur. Every so often he gets dinosaur and dragon mixed up and starts trying to breathe fire on me. I'll remind him that dinosaurs don't breathe fire so he bites me instead.

(I'm just commenting, I don't want to win the books. They are cute and my son would flip over them but we already have an entire bookshelf full of dinosaur books so we really do not need anymore. That and I also have a 1 year old little boy that just loves the sound of ripping paper out of books. They should go to a more safe home lol)

Night Owl Mama said...

Congrats! I'm around that many too. I was thinking on doing a blog bash when I get to 1000!

great giveaway and what kid doesn't love dinosaurs. FUN

Elaine A. said...

721 posts is spectacular! And the perfect number for a celebration as far as I'm concerned.

Someone I know around here likes Dinosaurs. And of course I'm a follower! :)

Jen said...

Well, HOT DOG! Count me in!! :)

Anonymous said...

I am a follower during school months. I don't have a computer at home so I use my work computer. This is why I haven't commented in a long time, but I am still here and recently got caught up on your summer blogging. My Shelby is 15 so I don't need dinosaur books. However, if you had a banana clip, big bangle bracelets, or Aquanet hair spray, I would be SOOOOOO in! Love ya, Kristina

Stephanie said...

Congrats on 721 posts--that's an accomplishment! And, Pick Me! Pick Me! My daughter "digs" dinos! She delights in saying those long names and teaching me (a palentolophobe) about dinosaurs. She'd love to add these books to her library.

Jenners said...

Happy 721 Posts!!! When I get to 941, I'm going to give away a live animal! Don't miss it!

Rachael said...

Wow, that is a lot of posts. Not sure how many posts I have, but definitely not that many yet. My son loves dinosaurs. His birthday is Oct 31, so these would be perfect for him!