September 19, 2010

Have You Ever?

It's back.
Hold the applause and just join in damn it!

*Have you ever popped a zit and wish you hadn't popped it? I mean, have you ever popped a zit that didn't need to be popped and then ended up with a huge boil-like mark on your face?

C'mon. Just admit to it.

*Have you ever watched Dirty Jobs and laughed so much that you peed your pants just a little?

*Have you ever been happy when you see the stud from high school who is now not so "studly"?

Or the prettiest girl who is no longer so pretty?

*Have you ever wanted to win a lottery so you could splurge on Etsy "stuff"?

*Have you ever not won a lottery and splurged on Etsy "stuff"?

*Have you ever wanted to stop time?

*Have you ever wished you could talk to your younger self and give some advice?  (future post coming up soon)

*Have you ever wondered how your husband can eat so much meat?  Seriously, my hubby could have a plate full of just meat for a meal and think it is the best meal ever.

*Have you ever owned a dog who snored louder than a grown man?  *coughStudleycough*

*Have you ever wished you could get this much joy from running in an open field?

*Have you ever wished you could get any joy from running?????

Me too.


Nicki said...

Joy from running. Joy from running. JOY FROM RUNNING.

I wanted to hug you when I saw that. Runners have such great bodies. When I run, I just think OUCH. OUCH. OUCH. every time my foot hits the pavement.

Foursons said...

Yeah, no joy when running over here. Crying, lots and lots of crying.

I find WAY to much joy when the popular kids from HS are no longer as attractive as they once were. That's probably horrible, but I can't help it.

My husband will eat plates and plates of meat and be happy as a pig in ****.

Sarah said...

OMG, I ALWAYS laugh that hard when I watch Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe is awesome.

Elaine A. said...

Oh yeah, the zit thing - totally.

I haven't watched Dirty Jobs in forever. I need to re-visit that apparently...

Jenners said...

Have you ever forgot about a certain type of post... and then seen it again and said "Gosh I love that!"

P.S. I have never, to my knowledge, had joy from running of any kind. Not even as a child.