October 28, 2010

Sometimes Parenting Sucks.

Lets talk.
About parenting.
Yes, I know that 90% of the blogs out there talk about parenting regularly, but all of the other bloggers aren't 100% truthful.
Shocking, I know.
I am going to give it to you honestly.

Not like a simple math test that has a distinct right or wrong answer, but a very complicated life changing test that never ends.

Never.Sure I have only been a parent for 8 years, 8 months 15 days, 7 hours but I will tell you that it doesn't get easier as the brats get older.  In fact it gets more difficult, more demanding, more complex and every decision has consequences.

Like being told that "You're the worst mom in the world"
Or "I wish you weren't my mother."
Or "You're mean."
Or telling your children to "get along", and then watching as one boy whips a Hot Wheels car at the other boy, and misses.  Instead hitting the computer screen.

Fun times.

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FourJedis said...

I'm only four years in, but facing some major crises here... it's nuts. Can I quit while I'm ahead?

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yep, you said it. My oldest was mad and threw our iPad. Things got a bit hairy after that...

Life with Kaishon said...

You don't have to tell me twice. My computer screen looks like that too. Not from a car. From my head hitting it! : ) It is a LOT of work!

Cecily R said...

Tell it sistah!!

I'm 12 years in and I just find new things to stress about with each new phase.

Good thing they're cute or I'd have sold them years ago. :)

Run DMT said...

Oh man. That stinks. Sorry about your computer. I thought it was marker and your little one drew on your computer. Nope, it's much worse. Bummer.

Gigi said...

Sorry about the computer!! Yeah, being a parent is not easy. All those who say it is are LYING!

Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath, go give Studley a hug, and go pet your soft furry rabbit with the long ears. You will feel a little better...I promise. Animals have a way. They just do. Love ya, Kristina

kt moxie said...

Look at the positive... looks like he's got a good pitching arm! LOL. I know your pain!

Heatherlyn said...

My kids are pretty nice to me, so far. I can't complain 99% of the time.

But ...

I did have my 9 year-old though, after I fixed her hair three different cute ways and she didn't like any of them, and I calmly told her that she'd have to fix her hair herself (I was calm, really, and that is difficult when your hairstyles are being trashed even if it is by a 9 year-old) and then she said, crying no less (that girl has some drama in her) that she can't do her hair by herself because I tell her that I "hate it" and that it "looks crappy" when she fixes her own hair. Totally not true. I've never said that, ever. Never even thought it. I became NOT as calm with her and sent her to her room to ponder putting words in my mouth that I never uttered. I mean, isn't it one thing to actually say lousy things to your kids and be called on it but quite another to have the child make it up? That's just not playing fair. Just because she felt like I felt that way, which I didn't feel that way, doesn't give her a right to accuse me of feeling that way.

Anyway, some days of parenting are better than others. I just hope that when my kids grow up they remember the things that actually happened and not a bunch of stuff they've made up in their heads!

Incidentally, she was much nicer to me after she spent some time in her room. She fixed her hair herself. It looked fine. And that's what I always tell her.

Courtney from The Story of Us said...

Well said --- I'm right there with you!!! Sorry about your computer screen b/c that just SUCKS!!!!

Jenners said...

Oh man. That does suck. And parenting is hard. Way harder than I thought it would be ... and I only have one brat (I mean ... wonderful child.) : 0

Lee said...

You said it. I love reading all types of blogs, but seriously, some days the syrupy sweetness makes me gag. SOmetimes the only speaking I do to my kids is SCREAMING. I hate to admit it... I have 4 and 7 YO boys. The hitting and name calling kills me... But, I'm glad that hot wheel missed your child, that would have done some damage.