November 11, 2010


Parents who think they know it all.

Being a child....specifically a teenager sucks monkey balls. You could not pay me enough money to experience that phase of my life again.


I look at the Teen aged Years as a very long, torturous game of Survivor. You have to endure many tests...learn many lessons....and if you get out of it minimally scarred, you are a survivor.

Most of us make it.

And now that I am a wise older woman and have spent many years learning about Life, I have realized what it is all about.

Acceptance.The only thing we want as teenagers is to be accepted for who we are. Not who we pretend to be. Not who others want us to be. Just as we are.Along the way we change the way we look, dress and act because we think it will get us attention and "make" others like us. Along the way we lose ourselves.
Sad isn't it?

Personally, I think it is a tragedy.

If only the teenagers would just step out of their bubble and listen to others who have experienced the game of Survivor, they would learn that it is OK to look different. It is OK to be smart.  It is OK not to be the smartest kid in the class.  Sexual preferences don't matter. Boys are dumb. Sex can wait. They don't have to drink/smoke/do drugs to be cool.

All that matters is that they don't lose who they are along the way.

Because things do get better.
Alot better.

And they will find others who accept them just the way they are.

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Farmers Wifey said...

hmmm..not looking forward to the teenage years..

Diane said...

Well said. Teenage years are rough. My oldest will be in middle school next year and pray he has an easier time of it than I did.

Angie said...

So true! My niece just turned 13 and I hate to have to watch her go through what every kid has to go through to become an adult.

I wish I could pick my daughter up and carry her through those tough years too (she isn't even 1 yet so she has a ways to go).

Gigi said...

You are extremely wise! If only they would listen. I wish someone had told me these words - or if they did, I wish I had listened.

Anonymous said...

I felt the exact same way as a teenager! And what's really sad, that as an adult, I still look for acceptance. You're absolutely right though...there's nothing wrong with me being me! Love ya, Kristina

Emily said...

Youth is indeed wasted on the young.

JustMom420zaks said...

@Emily I've heard that before, who said it?

Dang, I wish someone had taken me, shook me by the shoulders and drilled everything you just wrote into my stupid, teenaged head.
Who knows, I might have been the first female president of the US, or discovered the cure for cancer by now.

My Momma Drama said...

Very true! It's rough and I wouldn't go back either!

Heatherlyn said...

Actually, the hardest thing about being a teenager is not that other people don't accept you but that you still have no clue who you are and haven't accepted yourself yet. The sooner you become OK with yourself the happier your life gets. I think a huge problem with those teenage years is how totally unreal they are. A bunch of kids thrown together who would normally never be together, all competing against each other for the best grades, athletics, etc. All having never actually lived in real life before, but thinking they have and know everything based on who their parents are and that their parents have. It's a really strange time of life.

Jenners said...

Well said. I wish we could get a copy of this into every teenagers hands and it would somehow make a difference.