November 25, 2010

Falling Down.

I am a clumsy person.
If there is something to trip over, step on, break or hit, I will probably be the person to do it.

Yay me.

I consider it to be one of my few talents.

Sometimes I will even think to myself "That would really suck if I fell down these stairs while carrying this breakable vase."


Or I will tell myself to hold on to the bowl of water carefully so I don't drop it while carrying it somewhere.


Um. Yeah.

I could tell you about that time I was showing my fellow grade 4 friends how well I could flip over the monkey bar things in the playground.....and then fell flat on my face.

Or the time I showed my mom how I could slide down the stairs without bending my knees. And then hit my back and knocked the wind out of myself.

Orrrr.....the time I was getting out of the tub and as my first leg went over the sliding door edge of the tub, I slipped. And ended up black and blue all over my yoohoo.


Then there was that time I almost fainted during my own wedding ceremony and almost had to sit down while the minister was talking about love.

And the time I fell down the stairs while VERY pregnant and had to go right to the hospital for an emergency stress test.


Or there was that time not too long ago that I lost my footing and broke my foot.

But all of those stories would just confirm my clumsiness.

So I wont.

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Wishing all of my American blog friends a very Happy Thanksgiving! 


The Mommy Mambo said...

Wow. You should find a padded room! LOL Wait I'm not supposed to laugh am I?
Enjoyed your post and how you didn't talk about such things!

Gigi said...

And here I thought I was clumsy. Have a great day - but be careful!

Rachel said...

Haha, I don't think I'm as clumsy as you are, but when I was in the 7th grade I fell and tore my jeans open on the way to the bus. I went back and changed because I had time... and I did it AGAIN, haha. That was such a bad day.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, you've certainly had your share of mishaps. My son is like that. We call him "crash." Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.

Sara said...

I feel your pain. Managed to fall down the steps today into our foyer. Just because :)

Jenners said...

I'm surprised you've managed to stay alive this long!!

Heatherlyn said...

I guess you shouldn't ski much. ;)

Alex said...

And here I thought I was clumpsy.. lol Have a good night... be careful and don't fall off the bed :)

Oddyssey said...

RELIEF! I'm so glad I'm not the only clumsy one around! LOL With me, if I didn't lose it (whatever object of interest) in the first place, I'll drop it, kick it, step on it and/or trip over it!