November 23, 2010

Honesty is a good quality to have. So I will be honest. Don't judge.


Reasons why I loved putting up the Christmas tree before children.
*I could put on my Xmas tunes and have the volume as high or as low as I wanted
*If I chose not to listen to music, I could put on my soap operas instead
*It was quiet
*And peaceful
*And somewhat therapeutic
*I worked at my own pace
*I put the decorations on the tree where I wanted to put them
*And in the order I chose
*There was no yelling...arguing...whining....cursing...breaking ornaments...
*It was my quiet time

Reasons why I love putting up the Christmas tree with three children
*There arent any

{And there are still two more trees to put up.  Hold me.}

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Heatherlyn said...

Your children sounds like they have a lot of energy. Too bad you can't bottle it and sell it. You would make a fortune. ;)

My little Austin hung all his ornaments on the tree. They are in a great clump at the base of the tree. I love it and I'll miss it and I will also be totally OK with my kids growing up and then I have a perfectly symetrically decorated tree someday. :)

Some families have a tree that the parents/Mom decorates and then a tree for the kids to decorate. That might be a fun idea.

MOMMY-MOMO said...

haha... i def have to breathe and remind myself its for them right? it does stress me out though

Gigi said...

LOL! Ahhh yes, the joys of decorating with an over-excited little one or two.