January 06, 2011

Favourite Pics of 2010

This was very difficult. Not because I loved all of my pictures but because every single picture represented a moment in time that I felt needed to be captured and remembered.

So as I searched through the archives, I remembered.  I remembered the moment that Princess sat on the potty for the first time....the moment that Messy got up on waterskiis....the last time I saw my dear Uncle.

Every one of them are my favourites.
But for this post, I will choose my favourites and explain why. It might be because of the colours....the detail....the cuteness....or just the moment.

The moment.  Spontaneous.  My oldest child is not an affectionate child.  At all.  Except with dear Studley.

The zoo.  I just love this picture.  That's all.

All 3 children holding hands.  I will treasure this forever.

My boy with his rolled up jeans in his beloved cowboy boots doing something he loves to do. 

I took alot of pictures of feet.  And to be honest, it was difficult to narrow it down to this one.  But in the end it represents my daughter.  A little bit girly...alot tomboy....and independent enough to put her boots on herself.  Even if they are on the wrong foot.


Grandma's hand.  I will treasure this picture forever and ever.

Beauty in a picture.

More beauty in a picture.  Gosh darn he is gorgeous.

A spontaneous capture as I sat in my lawn chair.

Oldest child represented right here.  Attitude.  Detesting having his picture taken by his annoying mother.


A great day!  Sometimes the best memories are had when you just plan a normal uneventful day.

Rambunctious, active, loud middle child enjoying a quiet, calm moment. 

Ok.  I know that is more than 10 pictures as Beth requested.  But I couldnt do it.  I toook thousands of pictures last year.  It is now the 6th day of 2011 and I havent taken any.  I better get to it.

Go here to see more favourite pictures of 2010...and get started on your pictures for 2011!!!


Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Love them all. It's those spontaneous ones that always seem to captivate me.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Great photos! They capture such lovely moments and happy spirits!

Laura said...

A beautiful collection.

The three kids holding hands is definitely special!

Courtney said...

so pretty, I love them all!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Each one of photo tells a story, great shots!!

Carrie said...

You hsvr many beautiful photos here and I love all the little stories you include. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I do love the boots on the wrong feet of your daughter!

Gigi said...

After seeing all the pictures you post there's no way I could have narrowed it down to even 10! Beautiful picks.

Jen said...

Great photos, the rainboots is my favorite!

Jen said...

Those are really, really beautiful!

Elaine A. said...

I did more than 10 too since I took A LOT last year as well!! That first photo is quite amazing. And the profile shot of your daughter - just love the angle. Happy New Year of captures! :)

Alita said...

Loosely interpreted rules seems just fine with me ;)

The tiger/flower shots... incredible!

Heatherlyn said...

I don't know how you managed to narrow it down! These are fantastic pictures. I teared up while looking through them with your explanations. You manage to capture so much emotion in your pictures. You have a gift!

Muriel said...

Such Fun pictures! That tiger shot is awesome!

ToadMama said...

The firs and third shots touched me. But Grandma's hand? LOVED it!

Anonymous said...

You chose some great ones! My favorites were the boots on the wrong feet and grandma's hand... such great representations of those two special people, I'm sure!

Jenners said...

These are all so amazing for different reasons ... wonderful choices!