January 10, 2011

Feeling Nostalgic

I havent travelled to many places in my 35.5 years on this Earth, but I do know where my favourite place is.
The one place in this Universe that makes me forget about my problems.
The one place that I can just sit and take it all in.
And not have any worries.

Thinking about my family members running one of the largest dairy farms in the area.
Working together.
Being together.
Brings me some sort of comfort.

My Grandma's kitchen.
The bedroom I slept in when we visited as a child.

The shed that "housed" the snowmobiles and tractors.
The barn used to make horse bridles and horse shoes.

Oh, how I wish I was there to see it all happen.

I do remember some of it.
The cows.  The smells. 
The chickens.  The smells.
The milk room.  The smells.

It is sad that we realize how lucky we were to experience such simple things as a child when we are older and living a more complicated existence.
So, for now, as therapy, I wander through the property and take pictures.
And imagine what it was like.

Travelling to other places in the world is nice.
But there is no place like my grandparents.
Sappy....I know.
But so true.


Raechelle said...

I am so 100% right there with you. Your pictures could be my own.

I grew up in West Virginia and when I go back to Granny's now (well, Granny's "house" where my uncle lives - Granny passed 7 years ago) I cry as soon as I get there. It's this weird release. I let my city/mom/career/wife/in debt breath out and tears come with it. And for the duration of my stay, I am 5 years old again, instead of 35. I'm not planning on what to make for dinner, I'm not worried about money (mom and dad never let me pay!), I don't even think about laundry.

I end up crying when I leave, too. And I can smell the shed as I sit here at my computer.

Heatherlyn said...

What a great post! What a cool place your grandparents had for you to visit, too! Really ideal. :)

Jenners said...

How wonderful that you can still go and visit there!