March 28, 2011

Differences between Man and Wife

So this morning I peed out of my bum.

But that isnt what this post is about.

I just like to share.

Youre welcome.

This post is about my husband and myself.
And how we are different.
It doesnt matter that we have known eachother since we were practically newborns (ok, 8 years old actually) and that we were best friends growing up.
It also doesnt matter that we have been married for almost 11 years and made three babies together.

This is is what is on my husband's mind right now.
*preparing the barn for Ike and Duke, the horses
*finishing the fence he has been working on for one year
*buying stone for our patio
*designing our patio
*finishing the garage
*what kind of carriage/sleigh....expensive accessories he needs for Ike and Duke
*getting our taxes done
*planning a trip to a horse thing in a few weeks
*his university assignment due on Wednesday
*working at his "real" job

This is what is on my mind right now
*"Holy Mother of Gawwwd, I am crampy"

Told you.


Heatherlyn said...

LOL. It's hard to think about anything else when the hormones and the cramps take over!!! :)

Gigi said...

If he had cramps - I can tell you without a doubt he wouldn't be thinking of all those other things either.

kristi said...

OMG, I was having tummy issues all last week and finally I told my hubby, "let's do it so I can start already!" And it worked!

Kristine said...

Cramps should be abolished....
Feel better soon!

Happy Random Tuesday!

Elaine A. said...

Y'all are such a beautiful couple!! And yeah... cramps SUCK.

Jenners said...

Sounds like your honey has quite a honey do list! And a carriage/sleigh? What exactly are you planning up there!?

Hilary Lane said...

You crack me up - my boyfriend uses the phrase "peed out of my bum" too.. well, except he's not so PG...

And nice legs, momma! Get it, girl! :-)