March 01, 2011

The Girly Girl Trap

Ever since I gave birth to my daughter, I had visions in my head of us playing with dolls and Barbies.
I looked forward to watching all of the Disney Princess movies.
I have purchased so many pink items of clothing that even I am sick of it.

And I love pink.

But as my daughter grows into herself and expresses her wants and needs more openly, I am learning that she just might not be the girly girl I thought she would be.

She has two older brothers.
She prefers blue and green over pink and purple.
She loves going for rides in Daddy's big truck.
Loves Handy Manny and Mighty Machines.
And, yes, she even throws the dolls aside so she can play with trucks.

She lines them up in a parking lot, then drives them to her "schoooooool" and even to her favourite store Costco.
She makes truck sounds and can tell the difference between a dump truck and a garbage truck.

I am learning that it is OK.
I am even embracing her individuality and the fact that she has not fallen into the "Girly Girl Trap".
I think I fell into it as soon as I knew I was having a girl.
And after having two...very "boyish" boys.

So I play trucks with her.
And I don't argue when she wants to wear green and blue.
I even sit down to watch Handy Manny.
Because I love my daughter that much.

And that is alot.

Have you ever watched that show?????
So bad.


Jen said...

I can totally relate to this post. I had the same hopes for my daughter but I guess being surrounded by brothers, she had no choice. In fact, she told me. She is not a princess anymore but a 'baller'.


Gigi said...

I have a feeling as she ages she may morph into a bit more girly stuff.

Jenners said...

I wasn't quite the girly girl and I always felt that disappointed my mom a little bit. And I'm lucky that my boy never went through a Handy Manny phase ... whew!

The Lovely One said...

I actually like Handy Manny! Am I the only one who keeps watching because one of these episodes Stretch is going to look behind a curtain and see Manny and Kelly making out?

No? Only me? You gotta keep watching!