March 30, 2011

What I Know For Sure....Now.

I like to think that I am a fairly intelligent individual.
I admit that my brain holds on to alot of information.
Even if it is useless.
Like who was voted off of Dancing with the Stars and what is new with Charlie Sheen.
Yay me.

There was something I did not know on our recent trip to Cuba. Or maybe I was told and conveniently forgot.
But now I know for sure that Cubans will not allow anything for free.
And if you attempt to take photographs without paying them $$$$, look out.
Give them some money.
And walk away without looking like you just pooped your pants.

Yes, I was wrong to take this photograph of this friendly gentleman with my honkin lens while others were paying him.
I know now (for sure) that next time I should give him a few pesos.


I was completely wrong to walk by this unique gal and snap away {inconspicuously) without giving her money.  I was also wrong to smile and continue walking while she cursed at me.
I know now (for sure) to never behave in that manner again and to hand her a few pesos before taking her picture.
I also know for sure that I will ask to be in the picture with her...holding her cigar.
DSC_0626 was stupid of me to take this picture of this door.
Because I know now that when I snapped this picture from our tour bus window, there was a woman openly breastfeeding her baby beside it and thought I was taking a picture of her exposed breast.
I know for sure that I wasn't.
I know for sure that I never saw her.  Honest.

I swear to God I never saw her.
Until she started yelling at me and making gestures at me.
And then following our bus as it parked close by.


Moral of the story.
I don't really know that much after all.
But I do know to take more money to Cuba.

Mama Kat wouldn't have behaved so stupidly.


Jen said...

People in Cuba are really hard up for money. ;)

Gigi said...

I wouldn't have known that either! Perfect travel tip in the event I ever get to Cuba.

Dumb Mom said...

I wish I could go to Cuba. The pictures are awesome even if you do have to pay for them!

Kmama said...

Oops on that last one! LOL

I wouldn't want to pay for pictures either. So do the people do outrageous things just to get their pictures taken and get money??

Heatherlyn said...

Being American I don't think I am allowed to go to Cuba ... but it makes me wonder where else in the world people expect you to pay them for the pictures you take of them. That's crazy!!! And I did not see the lady in your door picture either!!!

Shell said...

Oh, oops! That is a cool door, though!

Lindsey said...

I can't believe people expect you to pay to take their picture but mostly I can't believe they got mad about it!

Life with Kaishon said...

I just love that old lady! And that man. What awesome faces. I would have totally paid them for some modeling opportunities! : )

Jenners said...

Any of these would have been worth paying for.