April 26, 2011

Boys, money and Japan.

I have this weird comparison.
Have you ever seen the movie Terms of Endearment?  It is my favourite movie of all time.
In the movie, there are three children.  Two boys and a little girl.
The oldest boy is very "tough" and doesn't often show or express much emotion. He plays the part of "nothing can break through my shell" and "no one can hurt me". 
The middle child is very emotional and not afraid to express his feelings.  He lets you know when you have ticked him off.  He cries when something hurts his heart.
And the little girl likes dresses.

Those are my children.


But anyways....why am I talking about this?
Because my middle child came downstairs with his money jar recently.
He took out a Spiderman bag and filled it with change.  His change.
He wanted to donate money to people in Japan because he heard the news about the earthquake/tsunami.
He then told me that he thought it was sad that the kids didn't have bicycles to ride and scooters to "scoot on".
He told me that he wanted to give them money so they could do groceries and maybe buy some Pop Tarts.
He said that he has enough money and feels good giving some away.
And even gave me a nickel.
My big, strapping 7 year old boy is emotional.  He cares about others and is not too tough to help out.  He feels good helping...giving.
And if there is nothing else that I ever teach this child, I will feel good knowing that he is kind, caring and genuinely cares about others.

Oldest child stood back and watched as his brother gave away all of his money.  He then told me that he wasn't "ready" to give his money away.

If there is nothing else that I teach him, I will feel good knowing that he likes to save.

The End.

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Anonymous said...

oh Mama! You have such a way with words! Got a kick out of oldest child and an even bigger kick out of YOUR way of admiring his ''saving attitude''. Middle child will break many hearts, 'cause he has a huge teddy bear heart...and 'cause he's so darn good lookin'! And Princess......well, the name says it all! Say hi to ...um...the guy who works a lot, you know, the love of YOUR life!

Emily said...

"And even gave me a nickel" Ha-ha this cracked me up.

Laura said...

This first part almost brought me to tears...the second part made me laugh. Love it.

Heatherlyn said...

I love your take on this! Your kids are sweet. They simply come who they are and parents love them and make the best of it!!! :)

Lisa Noel said...

How sweet. My one son is like this too!!!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Awwww! I love it! Mama, you done good. ;)

WW: Signs of Spring...Finally!

Aimee said...

Aw, that's great! Good for him and good for you for raising such a fine boy! :)

Jen said...

That's awesome! So nice! Loved the pop-tart comment-we're big fans here. I cry every time I watch that movie...

Buckeroomama said...

What a sweet, sweet boy!