April 08, 2011

Mothers Day Gift Ideas Courtesy of Moi.

Mothers Day is coming up.
I am a Mother.
Many of the wonderful, spectacular, fantabulous humans who read this blog are Mothers.
So, I am going to be all nice and do some shopping for you.
Without actually purchasing the stuff.

And after reading this, all of you can get out your credit cards, click on the links below and purchase at least one of these fabulous items for me your Mother.

If I your Mother had one of these machines, she could pretty much create anything.  Vinyl cutouts and labels, tshirt decals, scrap booking layouts.  The possibilities are endless which makes the high price totally worth it.
And Mothers deserve something that is worth alot of $$$$ because they spend their lives cleaning up poop, vacuuming crumbs, preparing meals, chauffeuring the kidlets to endless programs, clipping toenails, refereeing fights.
You get the gist.

What Mother doesn't love jewellery?  And better yet, you can purchase it with their children's names/birthstones or any other meaningful saying.
I want one.
I mean..umm....it is the perfect gift.
Vintage Pearl

Camera bags are my newest obsession.  And when they are stylish, it makes me feel all tingly inside.
Just sayin'.
So if you bought me the Mothers in your life an Epiphanie bag, I know you might...OK definitely would make their day perfect.
Add in a sappy card and you are in the Will for sure.
Sorry, this picture sucks. Go to the website and tell them Momma sent you.  When they ask who Momma is, tell them that I am their biggest fan and they should send me a bag because I tell everyone I know about them.  Please and thank you.

If we didn't have to purchase groceries and clothing for our children, this would be my number one splurge.
As well as every other item in this post.
But anyways, I am hoping to get into photography more and every picture I see edited using this program is a beauty.
I just wish you could bring an expert home to teach you how to use it!
So buy this for a Mother who loves taking pictures.  And throw in a class that teaches the program.

Add in a fancy shmancy camera strap for their fancy shmancy DSLR and you might just be their favourite person in the Universe.
But I am sure you already are.
This would just solidify the relationship.
Camera Strap

Other great gift ideas for the Mothers in your life
An endless supply of chocolate and pretty flowers
A magic potion to make cellulite disappear
A private dance lesson with Maksim
Or just hugs, kisses and unconditional love because that is what she wants the most.
A "Thank You for all of the work you do to make my life better" would be nice too.
And World Peace.
That isnt too much to ask for is it?????

Happy Shopping!

Go here to see MANY more gift ideas for the Mothers and Fathers in your life!


BOWquet said...

I LOVE the camera strap, my husband just bought me a DSLR so I've been wanting a strap...
And I LOVE LOVE the necklace, I've been wanting one for a while now.
Thanks for shopping :)

Ps. I added your button to my blog

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog from Kelly'sKorner. I quit bloggig cos I sucked at it but still love to read others!Ha!! Ain't tha a kick in the head. Well, I'm boring, what can I say? I love your blog and you are so funny and too cute! Love the way you write. I did away with my blog but I can give you my email if you wanna ever contact me-why you'd want to would be a mystery to me but I just don't want you thinking I'm some kind of psycho nut! I'm not-just don't even have a google account any more. Still read Kelly's blog every day and have found some good ones to read and would like to add yours if you don't mind that I am just looking in at your live and not blogging a thing about mine! I truly sucked at it and I'm also handicapped (too long to to into) and mostly that involves my waiting for a lung for a transplant-so I can't get out of the house and go anywhere-so I really don't have anything to blog about, if that helps you.
Do sincerely like your blog though!!
Blessings to you!!

Heatherlyn said...

You have wonderful taste.

My husband almost bought me lightroom once. He bought what turned out to be the wrong version and we never did correct the mistake. I think I'd really like it though!

I love the cute stylish camera bag idea!

Gigi said...

Why thank you for taking all the guess work out of Mother's Day....I think I'll just a link of this post to my family and see what happens!

Making It Work Mom said...

I totally want all these gifts! Please. I have been such a good mommy this year. Is my hubby listening?

Hope Squared said...

I am not a mother - but I want a silhouette!

Stephanie said...

Oh, I love all your ideas! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to put together My Wish List for me!("Your Hired!") PS> I've read that you can get Lightroom for <$100 if you have a student ID. (Know anyone w/ a college ID you could use??)