April 18, 2011


Please be advised that this post may contain foul language which may be offensive to some viewers.
I am in the mood to speak in potty mouth language.
Because I am sick and tired of telling my kids to use the word "poop" instead of "shit"...and "penis" instead of "ball sac".
And many other interesting terms they learn when they head over to school to learn what I hope is valuable knowledge.
But apparently "ball sac" and "humping" is what their brains really take in.


**We had Princess' third birthday celebration this weekend.  I was informed by my loving, respectful, non-selfish sons that we buy her all of the good gifts and only buy them "crap".
I then informed them that they will receive nothing next birthday because they don't appreciate all that they have.
And they were then reminded that they have dirt bikes, horses, expensive bicycles and scooters that can all be given to kids who will appreciate them.
But now I am thinking I will buy them Disney Princess toys, Barbies and Cabbage Patch Dolls if they think they are "good gifts".

Did I mention that those dirt bikes were recently stolen and my children didn't notice until the nice police officer showed up at our door to let us know they found them?


**I have tendinitis in my right shoulder for the gazillionth time.  What.The.Fuck is up with that?  I asked the doctor if they could do a shoulder transplant so I wouldn't have to live in pain all of the time.  He laughed.

I wasn't joking.

**Ike the Horse and Duke the Horse come to live at our house in a couple weeks.  My life as I know it will  never be the same.  My house will smell like horse shit for the next umpteen years.

Fun times.

**There are three men working here at the house right now.  I wish I could tell you they were wearing nothing and cleaning my house while I was sitting here eating bon bons, but nope.

They are doing stone work outside making a shit load of noise while Princess naps.


**My new favourite show

**I wish I thought of this

**Mr. Momma aka Busy just wrote the last exam of his university career.  For the last 6 years he has been going to school part time, as well as working, running a business, building fences, purchasing horses, selling a business and, oh yeah, building a house.
Now he is finished school.
What is he going to do with himself???


Anonymous said...

oh momma.....just breathe....but I bet it felt good to ''let off steam''!

Gigi said...

Put the kids to bed early, pour yourself a large glass of wine and enjoy some bon-bons. You deserve it!

Jenners said...

I think you should get the boys Barbies...it would serve them right!!! And I love Porn for Women. So funny isn't it? And Mr. Momma sounds like he might actually be Superman! How does he do it? Do you ever see him?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this. I admire your honesty and have no issue with swearing ~ I wish more people could appreciate the use of words like "shit" :)
Your blog is one of my faves.
God bless,