May 08, 2011

Ike and Duke.

Hi there.  Remember me?  I am the person who used to blog.
And then we got horses.
Ike and Duke are here and boy, oh boy do I have some stories to share.

It has been two days, and one boy, one man and a horse have been shocked by the electric fence. Everyone is still alive to laugh about it.

One horse has gotten out of his stall, eaten bunny food, crapped all over the barn, stomped on some grooming tools and knocked over a few bikes.
Ike is a rascal.
This is Ike behaving himself for a few minutes.

The boys love the horses....from afar. When they do get close enough, it is for a few quick seconds and then they make a run for it.

Duke and I have had a few moments when we looked into each other's deep brown eyes and spoke without words.
I have also called him "Dukey Wukey" a few times.
He loves it.

Studley, the old man arthritic dog checked out the new beasts.
Then he was chased by Ike the Rascal.
He doesn't chase them anymore.

Their poops are H-U-G-E.
As in, like, the size of a small hill.
And they fart alot.
Sometimes quite loud.
I blame them all of the time...even when I am in the house.
Because ladies don't toot.

Studley ate beet pulp.
He has been vomiting for hours.
Fun times.

Ike and I have had a few unspoken moments when we just cuddled.
Cuddled=Ike nuzzling up to me while I rub the flies off his face and call him "Ikey Wikey".
He loves it.

I am allergic to horses.
I didn't know until 2 days ago.

But it's OK. I will suffer through it.
Because I am in love.
And how was your weekend??


Karen said...

Told ya

Cecily R said...

"Ooooooo! Pretty horse. Can I go there and ride her?" If only we lived closer so she could at least see them in person (her three year old eyes are bigger than her three year old brave. I'm sure she'd get ten feet from them and bolt). :)

Fabulous pictures!!

Jenners said...

Oh My God ... they are gorgeous! And huge!! REALLY HUGE! I can see why you are in love. Thanks for not taking photos of their poop.

Elaine A. said...

Wow, they are gorgeous!!