May 14, 2011

Pictures. Of stuff. Just because.

Totally random post just because it is raining.
And I feel like it.
So there.

I put a request in on my facebook page for my "likers" to post pictures they want to share with the world.
Just because I get tired of talking about myself.
Hard to believe, I know.

Here are a few.
And also a few I took.
Just because.

I said I get tired of talking about myself.....but not today.
Today I am in the mood to tell you that I hate the rain.
And when Princess wont nap.
And when the boys come in the house with horse poop on their rubber boots 2 minutes after I vacuumed and mopped.
I am in the mood to tell you that I am addicted to these.
And I want to tell you about taking middle child to the doctor for a vaccination that we missed about 5 1/2 years ago.
But I will save that for another day because it is a doozy.

On with the pictures.
Tamara's Mothers Day gift from her son. Totally adorable! I got a flower card with Werther's caramels inside. My kids ate the caramels.

My brother and sister in law are world travellers. Me...umm...maybe in my next life. The have lived in South Korea, Vietnam, visited Thailand, Cambodia, China and even got hitched in Cuba.
They are who I want to be when my children have grown up and support their expensive lifestyles themselves.

I could tell you that this is my daughter because she wears skirts and has big boo boos on her knees.
But it is Helena's sweet little girl {who also has two brothers}.
I think Princess would get along wonderfully with her.

And apparently Helena's son is a big "Life Jacket-Wearing Monster" who grips on to his prey with his fingers!!
I think he would get along wonderfully with my boys.......

Have I mentioned that we have horses?
Oldest child who knows absolutely every fact about the equine breed is OK around them...until they move towards him.

But this little farm girl who wears rubber boots with flowery tights and pretty skirts gets as close as she possibly can to the beasts.

The End


Anonymous said...

me again...I love your posts! They always, ALWAYS add a smile to my day. Can't wait to hear about the trip to the doctor's.

mummyof6monsters said...

hahaha how funny is your jacket wearing monster! we have a horse too, but he is a dwarf minature shetland:)