May 16, 2011

Pet Peeve #3873

The R Word.
I do not like to say it so I will say it rhymes with "betard".
Nothing ticks me off more than hearing human beings call other human beings the R word.
And when I hear teenagers...or even young children use that word when describing other people, it makes me sad that somehow, somewhere it has been accepted.

The R word is unacceptable in any context.

Maybe I am sensitive because I have supported many individuals who have been described using that horrible word.
Maybe I am sensitive because I have never been the type of person to use such disrespectful, demeaning words when talking about others.
Maybe I am sensitive because it is just cruel and have seen people hurt by this word.

I am begging parents to not allow their children to use this word anywhere, any time.
Please teach your children that there are other ways to describe people.
Like kind and friendly.
Funny and sweet.

It is important that children {teenagers included} accept others no matter how they look and how they act.
They must understand that everyone is different and special in their own way.
Like the old saying goes "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all"

Or, better yet, find the good in everyone.
Because everyone is good.

I found this definition at
A person born with a mental condition and therefore has to work a million times harder to be able to do simple things (such as learn and communicate) that we take for granted. On top of this, a retard will usually suffer a lot of ridicule from society because people fear what they do not understand. The people who choose to make fun of the mental retarded tend to be complete morons and cannot comprehend that these people have feelings and emotions just like anyone else.
I find it amusing that saying somebody has cancer would not be taken as a joke and yet, using another disease such as mental retarded as an insult is common among society, and many do not realize that it is very offensive and that there is something seriously wrong about it.


Jenners said...

I agree with you 100%. It is not acceptable in any context.

Elaine A. said...

Big pet peeve of mine too! So wrong and disrespectful and just idiotic. My children will NEVER hear that work come from my lips and I certainly won't tolerate it here... good post.

mummyof5monsters said...

yes!!! agree 100% also hate when people say "oh thats so gay" thoughtless!!

CynthiaK said...

Such a horrible word, I totally agree.

And like mummyof5monsters, I also hate the use of gay in derogatory contexts.

Let's set the examples, moms. It's up to us.

Deanna said...

Thank you so much for this post. As the mother of a child whose condition includes mental retardation, it pains me to hear others use the word in a derogatory fashion. Thank you for voicing such a strong positive opinion for our children.