June 23, 2011

Just call us Laura and Mary

Apparently I missed the memo informing me that my life was about to become all
Little House on the Prairie-ish
The one that said we would own a horse wagon and chariot-like thing.
And our Saturday evenings would be spent being pulled around the property by horses
Or even down our country road.
As I stood outside in my rubber boots, plaid shirt and denim skirt, I was thinking maybe I am dressed inappropriately for our lifestyle. DSC_0280
The lifestyle that has recently been placed upon my lap.
I was thinking that it might be time to purchase some prairie dresses, pantaloons, pinafores and bonnets for Princess and myself.
Just a thought.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures as always, Momma! The kids and Busy look like they are having a lot of fun. Do you ever get to drive the wagon or chariot?


tiarastantrums said...

my kids would DIE for a horse and buggy!!

Lisa said...

Okay this is soooo COOL!!! How fun!!!!

and that first comment...well, mmmm okay? I'm on my way to the website...to see whats up with that...LOL!

Also, LOVE!!!! the t-shirt in my mom does not want our advice. Would those things be just great to say to people.

Lisa said...

I am back to say ~ I have checked out the Boycott site for us all. . .American woman and None American woman: Just in case this guy comes back to your site ~ he doesn't have an comment section. I want to tell him: American Woman would like to thank him for the Boycott. None American woman RUN!!!!!! Yicks!


Jenners said...

Just look at your daughter's face!!!! That is pure joy if I've ever seen it!

Emily said...

OK - I might want to try that thing out!

Anonymous said...

looks like a fun ride!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Love the first comment. *snort*

And that life looks darn cool to me!

Suzie Que said...

I'm actually VERY envious of your chariot! And I was about to jump on board with the whole 'Boycott American Women' thing until I realized...I AM one! :)