August 24, 2011


I love {turkey} bacon.
So should you.
I love it even more because there are so many ways to include it in your life.

Instead of butter, mayo or mustard, try putting some Baconnaise on your sandwich.  Crap, just get a spoon and eat it by the mouthful.

While filling your face with Baconnaise, wash it down with some bacon flavoured vodka.

And when you're done, clean your teeth with this stuff. I am sure it doesn't taste gross at all.

I am buying my bacon loving husband some of this for Christmas.  So should you.

And I am going to put a bacon dress on my list this year.

Do you think they will eventually make it for "Real Women"?

This is perfect for the kitchen when you're expecting guests and you want them to think you prepared your children a real breakfast instead of cold Pop Tarts

Beer and chocolate covered bacon=Heaven in my mouth


I bought myself two pairs of jeans yesterday but couldn't find a belt I liked.
Until now!!!!

You're hungry now right?
You're welcome.
I accept bacon as a tip.

All pictures courtesy of Google and Etsy.
Go buy some!

I bet MamaKat loves bacon too


Gigi said...

Funny; as I'm reading this Hubby is in the kitchen making bacon. I think this post somehow worked on his subconscious

Neuffj said...

Popping in from Mama's Losin' It. I serisouly can't believe they make bacon scented calogne! CRAZY! Fun post! The Neuff

Jen said...

I would like to try the bacon salt, vodka and spread. I will leave the others to you.

adventures in alyssaland said...

Bacon. Yummy!!

Stasha said...

I like the smell of bacon but I don't personally want to smell like bacon.

No soap or perfume for me.


Mommy Lisa said...

That BAKON vodka is in my freezer.

Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Oh lord Baconnaise my son would be in heaven. He loves all things bacon ;)

Jenners said...

I like bacon but some of this stuff is pushing it. Bacon vodka???? I do confess that I had chocolate covered bacon. Pretty good!