August 17, 2011

Ordinary Moments

Yippee!  This is my kind of topic.  My life is full of ordinary moments that I try my hardest to capture through photographs.  If I start up my own photography business in the {near} future, I would like to call it something simple like this...just because.
Or maybe I will call it Just Because Photography.  What do you think?

Life isn't about staged photos or awkward posed pictures.
It is about the simple unstaged moments that make up our everyday life.

Footwear scattered everywhere.
If you come to my house, please dont trip.

She would swing 24/7....if someone would push her.

The differences in my children are endless...yet they are so similar.

The "dirty face look" is the norm around here.

Duke the horse.

..and again. Just because I love him.

Middle child not looking at the camera because apparently I take too many pictures. Hmph.

Oldest child not looking at the camera because apparently I take too many pictures of him too. Hmph.
This was probably his 27th Freezie of the day. Why they are hyper, I dont know......DSC_0875

Go see more ordinary moments here on Thursday.
And then go capture some of yours.
It is sooooo worth it.

Poor Beth was not well as she is expecting baby #4 very soon and overdid it taking wonderful photos.  I had this post up last week but am linking up today now that Beth is feeling better. 
*Just Because Photography coming soon*


Gigi said...

At least yours just looks away from the camera - mine tends to hide his whole face!

Minivan Mama said...

The swing picture is my fav!

Jenners said...

Too many photos? NEVER!!

Love how Ike is smiling!

Elaine A. said...

Love the name "Just Because"!

I would like a freezie. That looks refreshing.

Love the shot of your girl swinging.