August 02, 2011

Random Wednesday...just because.

OK, you can all stop sending me emails and calling my house asking if everything is OK.  You can stop the mushy notes telling me how much you miss me and how badly you want me to blog again.
I'm here.
I'm still alive.
I'm just a little busy with three brats at home for the summer who require so much of my time and energy.

Is it September yet?

See this face? This is the face of a very tired, burnt out little girl who doesn't know when to slow down and nap when there are so many fun things to be doing at the beach.
Everyone around her suffers from her lack of sleep.

I love my family's creativity. My sweet {great} Aunts refuse to let anything go to waste around the family farm.

We have had a very hot, dry summer up here in the north country {aka Canada}. Let me put to rest the myth that Canada is always cold and snowy. We get summers just like everyone else.....very hot summers. In fact, it was so hot here one day that a coyote decided to plant himself under our poplar trees for a rest in the shade.
I watched and watched to see what the horses would do once they saw the scrawny beast, but they didn't even notice.
After a few hours, the thing got up and walked away.
Have I ever told you about the time a coyote ate killed my mom in law's dog??
Coyotes are ugly and mean.
Just sayin'.

One of Princess' favourite things to do is feeding the ducks.
One of Studley's favourite things to do is wait for a piece of bread that the ducks don't see.

Clyde the bunny died.
I am too upset to talk about it now so I will dedicate an entire post to Clyde-y after we have our memorial service.
Yes, we are actually having a service.
Wait until you hear about it.

I also plan on writing about the kids first time riding Duke the horse, our trip to a Pioneer Village, newborn babies and....well....other stuff.

Stay tuned.

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Heatherlyn said...

It's been a busy summer!
I am sorry about the bunny. :(
I think the top picture of Princess and the picture with Studley waiting for a piece of bread are priceless!

Theresa said...

Hey, always so nice to find another blogger from Canada. I hope your Princess gets some bloody sleep. What is it with kids and summer and not sleeping??

Foursons said...

Everyone in my house suffers when my youngest is tired too. Funny how they can control the household like that.

Sorry to hear about Clyde. :(

Jenners said...

Awww…sorry about Clyde. He had a good life with you though.

And cool coyote photo.

Finally, I know that tired look well. It never brings good. Only evil.

Self Sagacity said...

So creative of your aunt, the flowers look lovely in the new planter ;-)
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