September 26, 2011

Sick Studley-Part 2

You all thought that Studley was healthy and happy now that he has hard drugs for his arthritis problem.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry about it but he is far from "OK".
Have I told you how much this year sucks rocks?
I think Studley agrees.
So, yes, he has arthritis that we don't know if we can fix because he is old and fat.
But he also has a horrible ear infection.
And he is the proud owner of entire body stink that could possibly be related to the yeast fungus growing in his ear.

And then there is this.
I made it blurry on purpose so you don't have to see the oozing pus and blood.
I hope you weren't eating.
I haven't eaten in days because I cannot stand the look and smell of this disgustingly oozy flesh-eating hot spot.
As we walked out of the vet clinic {again} with antibiotics, a shaved face and Elizabethan collar around his neck, I knew exactly what he was thinking.

I was thinking "Holy crap.  This old washed up dog is costing us alot of money."
"But I love him"
"And he is worth it"

Poor Studley.
He is now on drugs because he cant walk...
...drugs for his yeasty-fungus-filled ear
....anti fungal shampoo for his yeasty-fungus-filled body
...drugs for his oozy pus/blood-filled-flesh-eating spot that is eating up the entire left side of his handsome face
...low calorie food for old, fat dogs
...and he has to wear a huge un-Studley collar that causes him to walk into walls...and doors...and furniture
I am thinking about asking for some hard drugs myself so I can cope with all of the stress

But he is so worth it
Look at how friggin cute he is


Heatherlyn said...

I thought it was sad yesterday. The whole quality of life issue. Getting old is a bad word I won't say. :( Poor dog. That would make me really sad. :(

Gigi said...

Oh! Poor Studley! Poor you!

I prescribe lots and lots of love for Studley and lots and lots of wine for you!

Minivan Mama said...

I have a black lab who is 10 years old and we are quickly headed down geriatric lane. It's tough seeing your once playful puppy aging. But you are right, they are so worth it!

Jen said...

Oh poor Studley. Hang in there buddie. I will come over and sneak you some bacon.

Foursons said...

Oh my gosh,how awful for all of you! I hope he clears all those infections up quickly.

Jenners said...

Oh poor Studley … I'm sure it is hard to eat in the same room as him though. Poor guy. I hope he gets better soon. He is totally worth it.

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