September 25, 2011

Sick Studley-Part 1

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
What a weekend we have had with old Studley the dog.
Let me start by saying that he is still alive and breathing.  This is a huge deal considering we were sure on Friday that it was time to prepare ourselves and the kids to say goodbye.  I had the scissors ready so I could cut off a "lock" of his gorgeous {but stinky} fur so we could tuck it away in our Studley scrapbook and treasure it forever.

I mentally prepared what I was going to tell the kids.  How I was going to be strong and totally OK with it because Studley is old and we didn't want him to suffer.  I prepared myself.  Hubby was prepared to say goodbye to the dog he said he wouldn't miss.


Studley couldn't walk.  When I woke up Friday morning, Studley was laying down looking at me with the saddest dog face I have ever seen in my life.  I knew immediately something was wrong. 
It was kinda like this....but 1000 times sadder. Honest.

When I couldn't get his 100 pound body up, I found hubby quietly so the kids wouldn't know anything was wrong. He had to physically lift poor Studley up on to his feet. The old dog would walk a few steps, then fall to the floor. And he would stay there.
And he would look at us with the look of "Help me" on his face.
And I wanted to take all of his pain away.
And I wanted to curl up beside him and cry.
And tell him everything was going to be OK.

I am not a Veterinarian but I had diagnosed Studley with a stroke or a tumour or some rare incurable disease.  I knew it was bad.  Considering that he will be 12 years old in just a few weeks, I knew that he wouldn't improve.
In my mind, he was a goner.

We took him to the clinic.  Studley didn't even pee on the floor when we walked in like he usually does to let every other animal know that "Studley was here".  He flopped on the scale when they announced that he weighed 98.5lbs.  They took him right in.

Arthritis.  Hind end arthritis that flared up to the point of him not being able to lift his fat ass up.  That was the diagnosis. 
As well as a bad ear infection.
And bad stink.

No kidding.

Meds were given, and $170 later, we went home with directions to give meds for a week.  If they didn't work, we would have to decide what else to do.
This is what Studley did for the next 24 hours.
He also cried and whined.
And cried and whined.
And tooted.

To be continued.......


Heatherlyn said...

Poor Studley. Arthritis is so yucky. :( It's nice to be able to go to the vet and get meds. It's nice that you can pay for it. But it still is lousy. :( Poor dog. Getting old stinks even for pets. Boooo! I'm glad it isn't "serious" and life-threatening. But it still stinks. :(

Gigi said...

Sounds as if you've had a very stressful weekend. I'm hoping the drugs are making Studley feel more frisky.

OneMommy said...

I hope Stanley continues to recover. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. Our dog is 8, and when she was hit by a car several years ago, it tore my husband up. Thankfully she wound up with just a dislocated elbow and was in a cast for a month or so.

Jenners said...

Oh no!!! Not Studley!! I just about freaked when I saw your headline. I can't believe you are leaving us with a cliffhanger! Be well Studley. Be well.