October 13, 2011

I am one of those bloggers who writes about her animals {too much}

But I love them.
And if I could, I would totally be the crazy dog lady who lives in a house full of happy dogs.
But I am not, so, for now I live on the farm with the happy horses, cats, bunny and sick dog.

Studley isn't well.
Today is his 12th birthday so be sure to leave him a "feel good" birthday message so he can smile just a little bit.
He isn't eating and has lost 10 pounds in two weeks.
He still smells like stinky ass.
He still prefers laying down over..well...moving.
Did I mention he has lost 10 pounds?
$500 in vet bills later and his blood work came back normal and there are no obvious signs of illness. His temperature is normal. His lymph nodes aren't swollen. His gums are pink and he pees and poops regularly. Pretty good for a 90 pound, 12 year old pooch.
If anyone wants to donate $1000 so we can get xrays and ultrasounds done to find out more, we would happily take it, but in reality, he is an old man who is...well.....failing. We accept that.
Do we want to find out it is something serious or do we let our old boy live out the rest of his life comfortably and as happy as he can be?
I vote for allowing him to live out his remaining days without being poked and prodded.  We will find some food that he will eat and maybe even cook him up some chicken and rice with a side order of raw eggs here and there.
Just because we love him.
So much.

Ike and Duke are loving the cooler weather.
Duke bit me the other day because I had green gloves on and had my hand at his mouth.
He thought I was giving him some grass.
So he chomped.
I called him a bugger.
I am sure he was calling me a few names too.
Its OK.
I still love him.....and Ike too.

Smokey the feral barn cat has decided he would like to be an indoor house cat and spends his days at our door "meowing" to be let in.
Not going to happen because litter boxes smell.
But so does Studley so it would probably just add to the scent of our home.
Oh yeah. I think Smokey might be a female because at 6 months old there are no giblets.
Male or female, "it" is still cute.
And I love "it"

Fluffy the 30 pound bunny has a growth on her nose.
It looks funny but apparently is nothing serious.
She likes to escape from her outdoor cage and run right through Ike and Duke's field.
Ike likes to chase her but she always manages to get away.
I cant help but wonder why she always runs that way when she knows that HUGE animals will chase her.
Stupid, but I still love her.


Go see Cecily.  She is rad.


Jaymi said...

adorable! love that first shot--beautiful light and focus.

Jen said...

I love reading about your animals but tonight it makes me sad b/c I just realized that I have not seen our indoor/outdoor cat Charlie in 3 days.

I suck as a kitty mom. He was once gone for 10 days and came back fine.

Fingers crossed he comes home.

debi9kids said...

awwww... your poor old guy. He looks just like our guy Dennis, whom we lost this year to hip dysplasia :(
I hope you're able to let him live out his life happily (and pain free).

love your stories and photos :)

NV Photography said...

What sad stories. :(

Great pics!

Jenners said...

As long as you include photos, write about your animals all you want.

And I'm so sorry about Studley. He is just getting old I guess. I agree with your decision … spoil the heck out of him and let him finish his life with dignity and comfort as much as he is able.