October 17, 2011

I Likey

My new blog design!
I have been feeling the itch for a big change for awhile.
I internally fought with myself because one part of me wanted to stop the blog and another part of me wanted to take it in a new direction.
But I had no idea what "new direction" to take it.
And, honestly, I still don't.
So, for now I will love up my new blog created by my wonderfully talented sister in law and write when I feel like writing.
Feel free to tell me what direction to take this blog.
Parenting crap?
Crafty crud?  Please say no because I don't have a crafty bone in my body.

As you can see I am very limited in my talents.
But I am double jointed in all of my joints.
That's a talent right?

Thank you to my sister from another mister for taking the time and using your talents on this little piece of my life.  My fingers are crossed that the change will get my creative juices flowing again.

Psst....she has a blog too.  Go check it out.


Emily said...

Not to toot my own horn - but I think it's pretty snazzy! And I am so relieved that you like it.

I think you should focus on blogging about Photography - just because you are so good at it. We can start working on your business blog now ;)
on one condition - we can get a free session with you?!

Jen said...

It looks awesome!

Gigi said...

This looks AMAZING!! Good job, SIL!

MamaB said...

Good job Emily....I think the design looks great.....and Momma I think you should just keep doing what you are doing with maybe an extra little emphasis on the photography. I know, between the two of you, you could design an awesome business blog for the future photography business....

Jenners said...

I likey too!! I wish I had a SIL that could do blog design. So jealous1

Minivan Mama said...

This looks great!!!!!

Foursons said...

I absolutely LOVE the new look! You know where'd I'd like to see you go? Not far from where you are now. I've read your blog from the BEGINNING and have loved every bit of it. I think you used to write with more of your sarcastic humor and I LOVE it. Bring more of that back. Yup, I'm asking you to be MORE sarcastic. How's that for an answer?

Elaine A. said...

Ooooh, I like it! About as much as I like the phrase "sister from another mister". :-)

I do adore your photography, maybe if you wanted to go that route you could link up to some of the more photog centered blogs, which are many!

But I also just kinda like your mix of stuff, since that's pretty much what I do too...