October 22, 2011

Pinterest Picks

I cannot quit Pinterest.
I am totally, completely fully addicted.
It has become my bedtime routine.
Brush teeth, put on pjs, get into bed, search Pinterest.
Sometimes for so long that the battery dies on my computer and I have to go searching through the house for the charger because I.just.cannot.stop.
It's a sickness people.

I am afraid to pin everything I love because then all of my "followers" will think I don't have a life.
Obviously I don't.

You don't know what Pinterest is?
In simple terms, it is a site to organize everything you love that you find on the mighty web.
It is a stay at home mom's crack.
Find a recipe you love.  Pin it to your "Recipe board".
Find shoes you love.  Pin it to your "Shoes I Love" board.
You can decorate your home, plan a wedding, design your wardrobe.....basically anything you want to save, can be organized and saved on this one site.

Here are a few things I have loved recently all about Fall Home Decorating.  Because it is Fall right now. And I dream about being the next Martha Stewart.  And I love them both.  And I love Pinterest.


Next week: Halloween stuff
I know you cant wait.
Me too!

Are you on Pinterest?  Come see me there


Emily said...

I want to pin everything, EVERYTHING! It's too the point now - I don't even remember what I've pinned.

I am thinking now - I should actually go back and start using those pins for some creative inspiration. But it's difficult because there are so many new and better pins everyday. I feel so conflicted.

Gigi said...

*hands over ears & eyes* La-la-la-la....don't tell me! I can't handle another online obsession. Between blogging, twitter, email and the occasional FaceBook, I seriously can't take anymore!

But, I must say, the stuff you've pinned looks great.....maybe I should take a peek for myself?

Foursons said...

Oh, I love ALL of that! To bad I don't like to craft and that my house looks like a bachelor pad.

Heatherlyn said...

I love Pinterest! And I even try the recipes and do some of the crafts and apply some of the tips (I finally now know what type of paint to buy--which I bought--to paint some of the tables in this house thanks to Pinterest). So, since it is useful I totally don't even have to feel guilty! I just wish that some of those outfits they put together they sold in a store so I could just go buy them already. That would be even MORE useful. :)