October 21, 2011

Questions Answered

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Believe it or not, I constantly get emails from readers asking some very personal and...umm...weird questions so I thought I would take the time to answer a few so I can empty out some of my inbox.


"I like your writing style, but why do you always use the "........"?Great question!  The "..." is actually called an ellipsis and I use it because I like it.  That's all.

"If you ever took an English class, you would know that you are not supposed to begin sentences with the words "And" and "Because"."Yes, I did know that but thanks for reminding me.  Since this is my blog and I write in the style I choose, I will continue using both words at the beginning of some sentences.  So there.

"Are you afraid your children will hate you forever for posting their private lives in such a public way?"Yes, I am.  And we are saving up for future therapy bills already.  But I do have to say this.  I am very hopeful that they will appreciate their Mother's honesty and I am hopeful that they will treasure this online journal of their pretty fabulous life.  There are many children who grow up to be messed up individuals even though their parents never publicly wrote about their life.  'Nuff said.

"Do you have any siblings?"I have one fabulous younger brother with the bluest eyes you have ever seen.  I hate him for that.  I ended up with shitty brown eyes.  But anyways, I will write about him soon.  He has a much more interesting life than moi.

"What is your favourite television show?"Umm......why?

"Will you be having any more children?"No, no and no.  Absolutely not.  This womb is closed.  Can someone convince my husband to get fixed before I go on strike?

"How is Studley?"  {this is the most common question I get}
He is still alive. 
But occasionally we have to lift up his ass so he can stand up.
Fun times.

And now I will go apologize to my children for ruining their lives.
Because I don't want them to hate me forever.....and ever.

More to come...eventually....


Emily said...

you know what - both your brother and your mom use the "...." when writing as well. I think it's a great way to break up a sentence....don't you think?

Also - do you think my future children will be blessed with those beautiful blue eyes? Mine are boring old grumpy grey - do you know anything about genetics?

Foursons said...

First off, you CAN start a sentence with "and". If you make it a compound sentence it is correct according to all grammar rules. AND, I use both "and" and "because" as the first words in my sentences all the time. Not because I'm trying to be grammatically incorrect, but because my blog posts are my thoughts as they come to my mind. If I was trying to write a book to publish, I might be more concerned. *hopping off soapbox now* (That would be an action typed in words since I can't draw a picture of myself physically jumping off a box on my computer.)

Oh...and I use "...." all the time too. I love 'em. And just so everyone who reads my comment knows- "..."would be used to go from one thought to another in one sentence. "...." would be used at the end of a sentence when you're trailing off but ending the sentence with "..." + a "."(period.)

Glad Studley is doing OK...minus the lifting his butt part.

Gigi said...

My first thought was "Wow. These are some personal & random questions."

I use .... all the time. ALL the time. Do I use And and But at the beginning/end of sentences? I've never really noticed.

I try to make my blog "read" in my real voice (if you know what I mean). I feel that your blog is written that way - like a conversation with you would "sound" just like you do here. (Am I even making any sense? I need more coffee.)

Anyway, with all that said....I enjoyed this post.

Heatherlyn said...

OK, I'm just going to say that not starting a sentence with "and" is so junior high. Of course you can begin a sentence with "and" if it is still complete sentence. And even if it is not, just because it sounds good. See? But don't begin a sentence with "and" if you are writing an essay, or something technical, or something for your boss. Last I checked, this is a personal blog. So you can begin a sentence with "and" and end it with "...".

I think your kids will be OK with your blog. Their wives will love you for it. :)