October 02, 2011

This Weekend

Most people relax on the weekend.
Not us.
In fact I actually look forward to Monday because the weekends always seem to be full of chores.

We renewed a couple passports at the actual passport office.  This means we sat in a room full of people anxiously waiting for our number to be displayed on the big screen so we could be asked a million questions and pay them alot of money.
Fun times.

I cleaned the basement.
I threw out alot of stuff.
I bought chrysanthemums and milk.
Husband cut the grass and seeded the horse pasture.
He also painted the barn door and touched up paint throughout the house.
I dropped off 5 bags of clothing/books etc at the local thrift store. 
Princess and I played tea party.
Duke the Horse got a haircut.
(this is the before picture)
Studley the dog had a bath.
And peed on the floor.
He is feeling better.
I watched the movie 27 Dresses.  Would I recommend it?  Nope.
Hubby let me sleep in both days.  Actually, he lets me sleep in every weekend.  Jealous much?
Took my Mama to Ikea.  We bought stuff and had meatballs for lunch.
Princess had a bath.
The boys had a shower.
I had three.
Visited my Daddy.  He was busy watching Pawn Stars so ignored me.  That's OK though.  I still love him.
Cleaned kitchen about 71.5 times.
Froze my ass.
Refused to turn heat on.

And how was your weekend?????


Gigi said...

About the same as yours....busy & cold! I'm "almost" looking forward to going to work today - just to get some downtime!

Jenners said...

Well, we weren't that busy! I used to get to sleep in on the weekends until we got the puppy. And my husband LOVES Pawn Stars! He even bought the book by the Rick guy.