October 03, 2011


One of my children has it.
He has never adjusted well to change.
Well, I shouldn't say that.  He does fine when the change has happened but leading up to it is Hell for everyone in this house.

He came home from school today in a panic because the grade 8 students have to have a needle {vaccination} and he doesn't want a needle when he is in grade 8.
He is in grade 2.

Totally breaks my heart guys.
My {not so little} boy is afraid to just enjoy life because he is always worried about what is ahead of him.
He feels like he has to know what is going to happen in the future to truly enjoy the present moment.

Then when the future is the present and he is forced to survive what he has been stressing about, he realizes there was no reason to be so worried about it in the first place.
But the cycle always continues with a new "stressor".

And all this causes Momma to be stressed because I just want to take his worries away and watch my kid enjoy just being a kid.
The day he goes to a birthday party without freaking out beforehand, I may just throw a party myself.
And the year we don't have to meet his teacher before school starts in September, I might just do a happy dance and buy him something expensive.

But I tell ya.  If we make it to grade 8 {without strong drugs} and he walks in to get his needle without cowering under a chair, I might....just maybe take him on a vacation anywhere he wants.

6 years to go.


Foursons said...

Poor baby. I have a lot of anxiety too and it really makes life hard sometimes. Google Fish Oil for children and see what they say about anxiety.

Mama Kat said...

UGH! Yep, you totally get it. I'm right there with you.

MPdaCNA said...

uhm, you have read my posts on blog and FB about my 8th grader and his anxiety, right??? I'm sooo there w/ ya!

Jenners said...

My son is a worrier too. It does pain me that he isn't just free and easy like kids will be but it is part of who he is so I just try to work with him to make it as easy as possible.