October 11, 2011


Oh my goodness for the love of all things lovely, I am full.
Thanksgiving was celebrated here in this great country of Canada over the weekend, and let me tell you something.
I am thankful for turkey.
And stuffing,
And turnip.
And elasticized waist bands.

I ate alot.
Like too much alot.
Like so much that I almost made myself physically ill.

No I am not 10.

But when I see platters of steaming hot white meat and gravy, I get a little giddy and I don't think clearly.
I load up my plate {once or twice} and eat like I am in some sort of competition.
I eat as if I am never going to eat again.

It was fun for a few minutes.

Regular bogging to commence when I recover from my turkey hangover.


Gigi said...

Happy Thanksgiving (hey, better late than never!).

Thanksgiving is the time to eat like you will never eat again!

But....turnips? Really?

Heatherlyn said...

No one should have to ever feel guilty about eating too much on Thanksgiving!