October 06, 2011

I Have Created a Monster..err...Model

I enjoy taking photographs.
My favourite subjects are my kids of course.
And Studley.
And Ike and Duke the horses.
And barns.
And fences.


The boys hate seeing my camera out and give me plenty of warning to stay away from them.
So I snap when they aren't looking.
Or I pretend I am capturing the flower beside them.
Sneaky of me, I know.

But Princess is a different story.
In fact, she tells me to get my camera so she can show me her faces.
And while I go get it, she flicks her hair back and puts her hands on her hips.
She prepares for her runway show.
And then we both go nuts.

I click away while she informs me of the "face" she is making just so I am sure.
It's hard work being a runway model.
So we had some candy to wake ourselves up.
And then looked for toads.


Now, if only I could convince this gal to come here to take some more photos. 

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MamaB said...

I LOVE her many, many faces!!!

Cecily R said...

Love them all...but I believe "Finking Face" is my favorite. Oh, she makes me laugh!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh. I want one of her. That is the CUTEST thing. The many faces of your sweet princess : ) LOVE this!

SarahinSC said...

She is precious! How nice it must be to have someone not run away from the camera!

Emily said...

She is the best.

tiarastantrums said...

haha - cute - my girls will totally shout for me to take photos of them all day long - my son - not so much!

debi9kids said...

haha! She and my daughter Emma would TOTALLY be best friends :)
LOVE this!

Gigi said...

Without a doubt, the "finking face" is my absolute favorite!

Foursons said...

Nolan does this for me too. I love it.

And I'm with Gigi- the finking face is GORGEOUS!

Jenners said...

She is fantastic … that tired face looks very very authentic … and "finking" is the best!

Elaine A. said...

These are so sweet. I love the "finking face".