November 10, 2011

Differences between my brother and I

I have a brother.
I don't talk too much about the family I have that lives outside of this house because I am afraid that they will disown me and never talk to me again because I embarrassed them.
But, today I am taking a leap.
And crossing my fingers that my little brother still loves me after I dedicate an entire post to him.  
*deep breath*

Besides the very obvious difference in our sex, there are many more. 

*He is musical.  He can play guitar and even once played in a band.  Me.  I didn't know how to whistle until almost high school.

*He has lived in Vietnam
...and South Korea.  I live 5 minutes away from my childhood home.

*He can sleep in every weekend.  And stay up as late as he wants because he doesn't have any children.  My life revolves around three little brats.

*He is a newlywed.  I am not.

*He has been to Thailand...
He has seen the whole fucking world, and I have never left the continent.

*He looks good in hats.  Me?

*He has the bluest blue eyes.  I don't.

*He is a city boy who loves living in the big city of Toronto.  We have 2 horses, 2 barn cats, stinky Studley and a 30 pound rabbit.  Enough said.

*He is my kids favourite person in the Universe.  They told me.  They also told me that I should move out so he can move in and play soccer with them 24/7.

*He loves chicken wings.  Ew.

*His writing is much better than mine.
*He knows how to drive standard.  My dad tried to teach me once.  That's all I have to say about that.
*He can speak/read/understand Korean.  I know how to say "Hello" in French. 
So basically, I guess what I am saying is that I need to talk to my parents to see if the stork brought him down from the "Land of Perfect".


And then I need to go get a life.


Foursons said...

Ah, sibling rivalry at it's best. I don't have this problem because out of the three of us, I am the best sister. *grin*

Gigi said...

Ahhh, but can he take pictures like you? He certainly can't give birth and be a mama like you. In fact, I bet, he could come up with his own list about how perfect you are in comparison to him.

Jenners said...

He does pretty perfect … and well loved by his sister!